Sound! Euphonium – Episode 7

Euphonium’s rainy day episode knocks it out of the park. Aoi’s long-hinted exiting of the band sends ripples all across the group, and Haruka is really given some time to shine as we dig into her very understandable leadership insecurities. We also got the first big questions regarding the almost-too-perfect Asuka, and Kumiko’s side neatly reflected all of this with her worries about losing one friendship and solace in the warmth of her new ones. I’ve got a fair number of notes on this one, since a lot of this episode’s strengths came in tiny details, so let’s get to it!

Here’s my full episode review. Notes below!

Sound! Euphonium

A rainy day. Long practices

Again, we hear the band sound slightly out of time with themselves. Really nice work getting this recorded correctly

“We need to practice like there’s no tomorrow” loaded words

Cue Aoi, Kumiko’s hesitant old friend, saying she has to leave for cram school

Title: “Crybaby Saxophone”

Taki-sensei’s earning their trust. He expects excellence, but he’ll guide them to it

The bowtied trumpet player (Yuuko) is angry Kousaka is practicing the solo part, which she thinks should go to her beloved senpai Kaori

And Kaori is troubled by something to do with the president

Ah, they’re talking about Aoi, who’s probably already said she’s dropping out

Natsuki’s getting motivated! And apparently her and Yuuko don’t get along

A rainy day. A mid-distance shot that emphasizes Kumiko alone at the bus stop, and then one closer, with her head halfway in the bottom right of the frame, alone with her thoughts until her old guy friend fills up the empty space

While they talk, the camera stays on their feet. Neutral space, and they might not even be looking at each other

Kumiko’s body language in the reflection here. Cool effect

A great moment when Aoi gets isolated in class. Once again, he won’t let people get away with not learning the things they haven’t learned

“Aoi Saito-san, when will you be able to play that part? Unfortunately, the competition won’t wait.”

Her face reflected and distorted in the sax. Like Hazuki talking about her goals sitting next to the tuba last episode – the instruments literally reflect where they want to go

And she quits

“I failed the high school entrance exams. So I really want to get into the college I’m going for.” Love how this shot is framed, down this long hall

Great music here, and great expressions

She can’t match their passion. She can’t get swept up in their dedication

“I never was cut out to be president. If Asuka were the president, this never would have happened.”

“‘You’re nice’ is something you say to someone when there’s nothing else to say!”

“It’s because you refused that I had to do it!” “Then you should have refused too.” Damn, Asuka

Lots of lonely, isolated shots after Aoi leaves

Kumiko’s falling behind in her part

“They say music vanishes once it’s played, and you can never get it back. You always have to play like you mean it.”

Natsuki talking about the previous year. “We couldn’t go against them. They were our senpais. They were intimidating.” Her rueful expression framed between books, pressed in

Asuka’s always been neutral

Kumiko’s got some sad memories

“You taking on the club meant you had courage.” Kaori being very nice here, giving the president the praise she desperately needs

“I might not be too helpful, but let me know if you ever want to talk.” A nice offer from Hazuki. In this episode, they’re redeemed by the friendships they’re forming even as they lose old connections. Music vanishes, you have to play like you mean it

“Asuka’s too perfect. I don’t know what’s an act, and what’s really her”

At the end, the rain stops

And Hazuki asks about Kumiko’s friend!

3 thoughts on “Sound! Euphonium – Episode 7

  1. The level of detail in the train sequences in this show keep blowing me away. Every sticker and warning label, the way the handholds slightly sway as it moves. Today on reddit someone pointed out that the entire frame shifts the the way a real ‘camera’ would on an actual frame.

    • I too have noticed this anime has an astounding level of detail in scenes, although admittedly not in the same manner as yourself. The team must be very tight-knit and working together closely, as Shirobako proved that’s kinda~ important to good animation.

    • Well, it’s a real train. Keihan railway Uji line. Most kyoani stuff is like this, modelled on real places in and around kansai; in this case they’ve used Uji, the next town south of kyoto on the Nara road.

      But this show is set in Uji, it’s in the title and all. It’s a bit of a change.

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