The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan – Episode 11

Another surprisingly very good episode of Nagato Yuki-chan! This one even managed the noteworthy feat of respecting the huge shift of last week’s episode while giving the show a very steady path forward. The key here was the fact that all three of our protagonists reacted to Nagato’s shift in both understandable and reasonable fashion, not drawing out artificial drama but also making the most of the drama that does exist. Nagato’s behavior in particular was pretty heartbreaking, but her friends being both reasonable and anxious in their own ways worked very well. Where the hell did this show come from.

Here’s my full ANN post. Notes below!

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan

“I couldn’t tell who I was. It’s not like I lost my memory. I just couldn’t recognize these memories as my own.

Great effect, having her essentially hear everything muffled, through a filter

She’s stuck in her head, trying to piece together what’s going on, while the world goes on around her

“She really worries about Nagato Yuki”

The framing really portrays how Nagato is worried, trying to pretend to act normal

This time, the scene with Kyon in the clubroom is framed from too far away to see either of their faces. Far more impersonal

“I’m not exactly sure how to talk to him, because I know how Nagato Yuki feels about him.”

“My current self cannot feel the feelings that Nagato Yuki felt for him, but I can tell he cares about me, too.”

Nice that this Nagato just directly admits, “I’m sorry. I don’t know who I am, either.”

“You may feel that I am currently an abnormal Nagato Yuki. That judgment is correct. But I myself cannot accept that I’m abnormal, because if I do, I’ll become alone. I was scared, so I tried to hide it.”

Asakura’s being extremely understanding of all this

And they even bring her to a hospital to check the issue. For a show that included a derpy valentine’s day episode and hot springs vacation, they sure are acting like reasonable, real people now

Kyon waving his hand in front of her face. Damnit Kyon

“Are you really okay coming to school in that condition, and continuing to be the old Nagato?” Kyon being the good dude now

“I’ll be fine. I won’t cause you any more trouble.”

Asakura and Kyon having a nicely frank conversation about all this

“Which one do you like?” “It’s okay for me to have one?” Jeez, this Nagato is so sad. So worried about being accepted, so lacking in self-worth

Lots of shots of Nagato’s eye, and of her contrasted against her reflection

We finally get one Nagato face as she’s eating toast. There’s somebody in there

Even the silly faces being used for character purposes is a cute thought

“Did I do it wrong?” Still seeking continuous approval from Asakura

She stayed up late to practice being herself. Jeez

Nagato helping Kyon with his studies now

The characters are dealing with understandable issues now, so they feel more like people

This Nagato’s actually more forward

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  1. Oh, man… I had dropped this one back in episode 6, but these latest developments sound too interesting to pass on. Guess I’m picking it back up.

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