Ping Pong the Animation – Review

Aaand we’re back to the full lengths, with a review of one of the best shows of the past few years: Ping Pong the Animation. Ping Pong is a stellar achievement in basically all categories, and will likely be one of my gateway recommendations for many years to come. I actually wrote an essay about the show back when it aired, so I got to double-dip on this one, covering themes specifically then and the whole package this time. More writing about Kong can only be a good thing.

You can check out my full review over at ANN.

I didn’t take notes on this one, since I’d already watched it twice before my review, but I did write episodic posts about it back when it aired, so there’s a whole bunch of Ping Pong content to go around!

Ping Pong

7 thoughts on “Ping Pong the Animation – Review

  1. Perhaps you should have clarified at the beginning of the review that Ping Pong isn’t a show that can really be spoiled, and then warn for spoilers anyways, because so many of the show’s plot highlights were casually dropped there. It was definitely more written with those who have already watched the show in mind, and those who haven’t might be off-put by how much you appeared to “spoil” the show.

    • Not really sure what I spoiled, aside from a bit about Kong’s arc. I don’t really think “there’s a great karaoke scene at one point” is a spoiler. And as you say, it’s a pretty unspoilable show.

      • The first dramatic climax comes in the players’ first regional tournament, where Peco suffers an identity-crushing defeat and Kazama reigns supreme
        Peco’s journey from brash confidence to sullen defeat and back to heroism
        Kong’s entire arc, which isn’t as egregious as laying out Peco’s, since, as you note, Kong is the 4th important. One of the strongest points of the show comes from the surprise of Peco’s turnaround and the reveal that he’s the hero, transforming Smile’s humming from ominous to joyous. (Which the review also kind of spoils by calling it the Hero Song)
        Kong being overwhelmed by Kazama

        I think it could have gone straight from “In Ping Pong, this is never the case.” to “The show only finds time…” without losing anything. As a review versus an essay, it doesn’t have to cite evidence for its claims. Potential show-watchers are supposed to take its evaluations on faith. (In combination with what they know of the reviewer.)

  2. You must be really reaching for the negatives portion if all you can think of is “uhh, not everyone will like the art”. A true sign of a real winner.

    • Yep. It’s a pretty much bulletproof show – if not for HxH ending, it would have been my top show from last year.

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