The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan – Episode 13

And the actual Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan arc comes to a close. This was a fittingly somber episode, full of rich sunset colors and slow scenes of Nagato and friends. I’ve really enjoyed this arc all throughout, and though this seems like a good place for it to end, I’m definitely sad to see this version of Nagato Yuki go. Hopefully the show doesn’t just immediately go back to being its original derpy self now, and has possibly learned something from this surprisingly compelling experience.

Here’s my full post over at ANN. Notes below!

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan

Staring at other Yuki’s fractured memories in a dream. “the world… is disappearing”

Image of her eye like the one that opens the OP, but now given a dark context

Nice color work and atmospheric backgrounds this episode

Nagato has Kyon and Asakura take her to a used book fair

They make plans to go to the summer festival

More melancholy piano music

More slight emotional reactions to Kyon

Current Nagato gets some silly faces. She definitely feels like a person

“Kyon is amazing. Before I knew it, he was treating the current Nagato the same as always.” It’s a weird thing. Is this situation basically “cheating on” the old Nagato, friendship-wise?

“If you understand her feelings, doesn’t that mean you already like him?”

“I realized I was in love today”

Seeing old Yuki’s memories as a stage play

“And, I’ll disappear from this world”

“The next time I fall asleep and wake up, I’ll disappear”

Not telling Asakura, as they share a friendly meal. In contrast to the stiff meal that opened this arc

“I want to part with a smile.” Jeez. An arc about facing death with dignity

“I’ll be gone soon, so I want to see my friend’s smile.”

Asakura putting a more positive spin on Nagato’s personality changes. Saying it’s natural

“Thank you. Goodbye.”

Lovely colors all through this episode

She was reading “Inherit the Stars”

Great expression from Nagato as she talks with Kyon

“I’m in love with you.” KYON’S FACE

Kyon racing to see her as we hear the rest of the phone conversation. A classic trick

“Ah… they seem close enough to touch.”

Some great Kyon animation

Now this Nagato’s hesitance regarding the fireworks is clear. She knew she’d never live to see it

5 thoughts on “The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan – Episode 13

  1. Like I said on ANN, I particularly like a little detail:

    “I particularly appreciated the little detail of the Bookmark. Kyon takes the book as if looking for it (those who saw the movie will understand) only to find it blank, suggesting a different message for different audiences: Those who didn’t watch the film will interpret it as “Yuki has been erased” while those who watched the film will understand that there is no message this time for Kyon to make her come back, deepening the sadness for both him and us.”

  2. Do you think this latest arc is worth picking the show back up for? I dropped it after 2 or 3 episodes but reading these writeups the last few weeks is making me think about it again.

    • I did the same I watched 3 episodes then directly went to episode 10.

      If you really don’t want to skip I found the manga to be more readable than watching the anime personally.

  3. This series soduns interesting. Another to start on after Ouran!The only thing that confuses me is The Endless 8 you referred to. You say it’s the same plot? It’s it shown in different prespectives? How would that work? Is it almost like Groundhog Day ? I guess I’ll find out when I watch it!

    • Note that “this series” is not The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, which is where The Endless 8 occurs.

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