Summer 2015 – First Impressions, Part Two

The ridiculous anime onslaught continues! Debuts are popping up faster than I can possibly review them, but review them I shall, and drag back my findings to place gently at your feet. Though my body may be broken by the weight of a thousand cursed MCs and Nii-sans, I shall not falter in my duty. I’m gonna watch a whole lot of cartoons.

We’ve got more hits and misses in this second wave, including a few surprises. Shirayuki unfortunately failed to grab me, in spite of its top-notch production, but I was actually pretty fond of the ostensibly mundane Actually, I Am… (Jitsu wa Watashi wa). Chemistry’s a tricky thing!

Jitsu wa Watashi wa

Here’s a link to all the pieces so far, and you can check out my new ranked listings below. Woo anime…

Gatchaman Crowds Insight – 4.5/5

Gansta – 3.5/5

Actually, I Am… – 3/5

Snow White with the Red Hair – 2.5/5

Castle Town Dandelion – 2.5/5

Chaos Dragon – 1/5

5 thoughts on “Summer 2015 – First Impressions, Part Two

  1. I feel so sorry that you had to watch chaos dragon in its entirety. Dropped it before the halfway point heh.

    Glad you liked gangsta. It was an alright first episode and like you said they used the deaf dude infirmity in an interesting way, they really nailed his voice acting too.

    Overall this season is less desperate than I expected !

    • Yeah, Chaos Dragon really was one of those “can I really survive twenty minutes of this” experiences. How do you make a show that bad?

      And yep, things are turning out more positive than I might have expected. There’s not much I’m actually planning on sticking with, but there’s plenty of reasonable-enough premiers.

      • Well classroom, rokka, ranpo and gangsta are enough new stuff for me, if their second episodes turns bad I’d still be happy with just the Gatcha and Durarara sequels.

        Kinda curious about Ushio and Tora too.

        Doubt overlord and prison school will be any good..

  2. Does Gatchaman still have the same animation as the first season? That kinda bothered me in the first season, migth watch the second one if it is improved. Other than that, it seems this summer season is as expected ,so I might finally be able to watch some backlog shows.

  3. If it keeps following the manga I think Gangsta is going to be the one to be beat this season. You start to learn about Nick and Worick’s past and how they became the people they’re now.

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