The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan – Episodes 15-16

Covered the last two Nagato Yuki-chans together, since Funimation’s “scheduling” is a bad joke. But it was just as well, since barely enough happened in these two episodes to cover one episode review, anyway. Nagato Yuki-chan was obviously a disappointment overall, but it at least gave us the very compelling disappearance arc, so I’m gonna consider that a partial win. Yeah, it was mostly a completely disposable will-they-or-won’t-they slice of life nothing, but hey, four episodes were good!

You can check out my mildly defeated review over at ANN, or read my extremely limited notes below!

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan

Summer break

Beach episode

Riffing on the closed space episodes

Kyon’s sister is there

Swimsuits, watermelon smashing, etc

“Yep, this is a classic day at the beach”

Asakura up to her usual matchmaking tricks

Is this some kind of joke. They’ve been bouncing the ball back and forth for an entire minute

Now Kyon reflects on being too nervous to talk to her lately. So there was a purpose

Each of them being insecure in their own way. It’s cute

And another falling-on-top-of-Nagato scene

And now they’re going to the mountains for a test of courage

Really playing up this test of courage

Silly faces, but the same ones

The actual point of this episode is the awkward silence that’s developed between Kyon and Yuki, and their thought-disconnect

Their issues with conversation are pretty relatable

These episodes have been a visual letdown since the disappearance arc too

Episode 16

Kyon still being emo

“Kyon-kun, denwa” aw shit

Even checking off the events in the cafe, and “we think the same way”

Nice scene of them walking together

Still having trouble communicating

Thinking of lines to say and then not saying them. Pretty relatable

Koizumi telling him to worry less and just be more natural

Mikuru being dazzled by a phone-shredding blender is pretty good

More metaphors – goldfish slipping through the net as Kyon thinks about his choice

So he basically confessed to the other Nagato without this Nagato hearing. Wonderful

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