Classroom Crisis – Episode 5

Well, it was bound to happen. You can’t have a show with “classroom” in the title and avoid a derpy beach episode at some point, I suppose. And this episode certainly was Beach Episode As Fuck, which I used as an excuse to largely talk about how this show can sometimes feel at war with itself. It feels like the pitch for this show went “we can let you get away with this corporate struggle between simplistic but bold ideals and the necessities of business, but you’ll have to stick in at least one classroom setting, three ‘I’m not an old woman’ jokes, and a beach episode.” Hopefully the devil has now been paid his due, and Classroom Crisis can be strictly good from here on out.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below!

Classroom Crisis

“What’s going on with those talks to take over Tsuda Heavy Industries?”

Nagisa Kiryu getting under his brother’s skin again

And now the cast is karaoking their own theme song. Welp

And the class is going on their graduation trip

Seems like the show itself wants to drop the “classroom” part as fast as possible. It always was a random, awkward quirk of the premise

Angelina’s sound effects are the best. Good expressions, too

Yep, beach episode

The classic slow pans over beach still frames, complete with a sax solo backing song

Nagisa’s sitting under the umbrella, of course. Mizuki trying to draw him out

“Don’t lay a finger on my sister!” Oh boy. It really is this episode

Angelina and Iris squaring off

Apparently Iris has lost her memory of anything from more than ten years ago. And Angelina reveals this as a petty taunt, which is pretty silly of her

These butt angles

And now “this food is really good!”

Mizuki once again reaching out to Nagisa

The character designs do a lot of lifting, even though these jokes are too slow and obvious to be very funny

In order to get his tablet fixed, Nagisa gets conscripted by the other boys, presumably into snooping on the girl’s bath. This episode

And Nagisa bails, fortunately. But we’ll see where he ends up

And the boys get trumped, but we get the fanservice

Angelina and Kaito bonding over drinks

And of course the class comes together to help him get his job done

The best moments here are the offhand character moments. Angelina and Kaito, Iris and Nagisa. Like with the whole “classroom” thing, the less “anime” this show is, the better it becomes. When it does the stale genre stuff, it’s just stale genre stuff

“You act like a villain, but that’s not what you really are, is it?”

2 thoughts on “Classroom Crisis – Episode 5

  1. While this episode was pretty meh, it does make me feel better about future episodes. This episode felt like they were just trying to get all the typical anime episodes done with as fast as possible. Beach episode? check, Karaoke? check, Hot Springs, Class Trip: check and check. Plus they managed to use this filler episode to put out some exposition like Iris’s lost memory and Nagisa’s burns.

    Now hopefully with the Typical Anime checklist complete we can get on with the good stuff

    • We still hadn’t the Christmas episode yet (and the graduation one too), but those ones generally aren’t as bad.

      The fanservice here bothered me more than usual here.
      It’s both because of the artstyle that doesn’t really lends well to sexy shot, and the general tone of the show, who generally shows respect towards its characters.

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