Classroom Crisis – Episode 6

Classroom Crisis rallied back with an excellent episode this week, revealing Nagisa’s full past in an episode full of the small character moments that make even this show’s weakest episodes at least somewhat compelling. This is definitely a pretty lopsided show, but it’s the kind of lopsided I can get behind – its best elements are unique and very valuable, and it having a bunch of obvious failings along with them is just how it goes with a lot of anime. And second halves are generally more conflict-focused anyway, so there’s a fair chance Classroom Crisis will average out to a very solid show.

Here’s my full ANN writeup, and you can check out my notes below!

Classroom Crisis

“Don’t rely on money to solve your problems. Innovative improvements in technology have always been born from restrictions.” And all of this is reflective of Nagisa’s own career path, too

But he’s failing their rocket scientist tests. That’s a pretty nice gag

And Sera throws his own words back at him. Time to study, Nagisa

Mizuki playing on his pride to make him study

Working hard at school so you can throw yourself at the work you love. A version of another classic real-life situation

Their aerospace division is actually stagnating. And the Kiryus want to wipe out the Shimamiya legacy

Mizuki and Nagisa having another nice conversation

Talking about work, talking about Kaito, etc

A nicely low-key conversation

“I’m not a member of the main Kiryu family. I’m the son of my father’s lover.”

His brother Yuji, his current boss, abused him

So Nagisa sees everything in terms of deals

And his mother was a member of the Shimamiya family, from the dreamer cofounder’s bloodline

Nagisa is being used to gain his mother’s family’s stocks

Nagisa acting bitter, but he appreciates having someone to talk to

“I suppose I should be thankful to my brother”

Mizuki doubles down on helping him

“No matter how his life has been up until now, if he’s trying to shut down A-TEC, Kiryu Nagisa is my enemy!”

This is the opposite of last week

They run into Iris waiting for Mizuki, and then the rest of the class burning the night oil at the garage. Everyone here is a real family, looking out for each other

“It’s a study group to determine how we can cut costs and complete the engine”

And they actually are doubling down to act more efficiently

Kaito can’t help liking him