Classroom Crisis – Episode 8

Classroom Crisis had likely its best episode yet this week, using Kirishina’s school festival as an opportunity to contrast Kaito and Nagisa against both their past selves and the political interests they each theoretically represent. It was a very nuanced performance when you break it down, but it came off very lightly in practice, with the show once again riding on firmly constructed character relationships. It’s kind of sad that it seems like Classroom Crisis is somehow slipping through the cracks of this season – it’s an odd and occasionally awkward show, but it nails the best stuff a show can nail, the important character stuff that makes everything else worth caring about. It’s a very endearing production.

You can check out my full writeup over at ANN, or my notes below!

Classroom Crisis

School festival approaches, and A-TEC is working on their rocket

Nagisa painting their poster

The Seimin Party is about to lose power, and they’ve always supported the Kirishina Corporation. Nagisa’s brother is working together with them to try to win the upcoming election

Title: “Money, Elections, and School Festivals”

Nagisa going a little crazy

The Oozora politician, the one attached to the union, wants another Kaito speech. But the Seimin want to destroy Oozora

Kaito’s become a bit more business-savvy since the union episode. He calls this guy out on his fair-weather support

So Oozora’s pro-labor, Seimin is pro-business. Pretty simple

Oh my god, Kaito’s falling for his dopey speech. Of course he would

“That’s probably what you call the swing vote, I guess.” That’s actually a great joke

The union boss making nice with Nagisa

Iris is panicking, remembering being abandoned out in space

Iris, Mizuki, and Nagisa having more excellent conversations

Iris asks about her past, and Nagisa implies she’s better off not knowing, that seeking revenge would just make her bitter when she’s happy now. Speaking of both himself and her

Director Kiryu’s putting his political spending on the A-TEC budget

Nagisa and Angelina have a conversation where they basically each feel out how sympathetic the other has become to A-TEC

In the end, Nagisa must formulate his plan to fight the company, and doesn’t go to the festival with Mizuki and Iris

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  1. Your write-ups make me want to pick up this show, as does the animation style. It’s the first anime in a while that has piqued my interest in far too long. Although, I wish the series was already finished; I much prefer watching anime in batches as opposed to weekly.

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