Gatchaman Crowds Insight – Episode 8

Things sure aren’t looking good for our heroes now. Gelsadra reigns supreme, Tsubasa refuses to listen to anyone, Rui has given up hope, and Hajime is still holding off on taking action. It’s depressing, frankly – this season’s overall been much heavier than the first one, and this was the heaviest episode yet. It was also a really good one, of course, and gave me plenty to talk about, but man. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing our heroes have fun again, hopefully, eventually? I guess we’ll have to see.

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Gatchaman Crowds

The smile balloons turn themselves inside out and become full creatures

“So that’s how it’s going to be. Here we go!” HAJIME ACTIVATE

Title: Cluster

The mysterious beings have appeared across the country and are freaking people the hell out

But they’re actually friendly

And they prompt people to create more red bubbles, which then become more of them

“We’ll all become one and forget everything” uh


“Wonder why it knew my name” Hajime getting more and more suspicious

“This feels really good.” “Keep working hard!” The creatures coddle them, averting conflict

“You won’t have to worry about anything if we all become one”

It seems like the creatures actually pacify people

This feels like Invasion of the Body Snatchers territory

“Don’t be so difficult, Sugane”

Kuu-sama is another manifestation of Gelsadra, but he treats it as an independent being. But it’s basically the enforcement arm of his philosophy

“Everyone! We’re counting on you!” Christ, Tsubasa is kind of terrifying. This is the propaganda of a new dystopia

And Tsubasa’s grandfather does his exercises alone, dwarfed by the massive night sky

“Pai-Pai, I don’t think you should determine they’re friendly that easily.” “You idiot! The most important thing in the world is speed!” It is if you want to make a popular decision. But not if you want to make the right one

And that’s been Hajime’s weakness all season – she’s been deliberate, whereas Tsubasa is impulsive, and thus makes many things happen. Same with Rui – Rui is unwavering, and dedicated to a long-term goal

Sugane: “If we attack them, we’ll get bashed big-time.” He knows about popular opinion

Rui’s feeling beaten down, and goes to see Rizumu again

I like the whole team discussing the situation again. A very diverse set of perspectives

Hajime asking who they are, where they came from, etc.

“Relax, huh? That means everyone’s worried, right?” They’re giving her non-answers, but she’s pulling important info from them. Great conversation

Hajime doing the scissors, and then opening her hand entirely as the Kuu say “we don’t understand what you’re saying”

“If we don’t all become one, something bad might happen”

Jou was right to challenge universal CROWDS, but his tool to fight it has grown far beyond his control

“And what might that bad thing be?” No answer. They just try to hug her

Gelsadra says he’s never met them before

“How can you think they’re nice when you don’t know them?”

“You can’t really see things about yourself sometimes.” The key line, told about Gelsadra but the camera aims at Tsubasa

“I don’t care if you don’t understand us!” “Right, because we can’t become one.”

Tsubasa thinks it’s Katze’s presence that makes Hajime say she “likes conflict,” something she never said. Tsubasa is 100% certain she’s right, and thus is simply looking for a way to invalidate Hajime’s perspective. A classic trick

“Tsubasa, you’re way more Gatchaman than me.”

“The answer to the riddle is definitely my favorite thing. But Gel-Gel likes it way more than I do.” Katze likes discord. How else can you frame that? Katze likes… winning? He does like people acting like himself. He likes thoughtless action

Basically an entirely indoctrinated public. “Let Gelsadra handle it”

Umeda, the old member of Rui’s hundred, is being harassed by the Kuu-sama into joining

“It’d be better if they just disappeared.” About the people who won’t submit. Jeeeeez

“This isn’t Gel-chan”

And Rui has given up. Oh no.

Aw shit, the Kuu-sama just absorbed Jou’s old friend

One thought on “Gatchaman Crowds Insight – Episode 8

  1. Probably one of my favorite Gatchaman episodes ever. GelSadra seems to me that he is a pawn of whatever intelligence is behind the Kuu-sama’s. His desperation for peace is what has led to him overloading on feelings, and the Kuu-samas seem to be affecting him too, after swarming him immediately like they did Rui.

    Hajime seriously needs to think faster now that Rui has been compromised, though I expect that Tsubasa will be ultimately responsible for stopping Third Impact.

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