10 Royal Games Plays Metal Gear Solid V, Part One and Two

Hey guys! The first let’s plays by me and my friends are finally up! We had some initial technical issues getting it all together, but things should hopefully be much more consistent going forward. We started off this week with some Metal Gear Solid, the hot new game everyone’s talking about, and we… well, almost got through the intro cutscene. Look, it’s Metal Gear, these things happen. We’ll hopefully be back again in a couple days with more videos, and until then, you can check out all our stuff so far on youtube!

You can check out our existing videos here:

Part One

Part Two

If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to let me know either here, on ask.fm, or even on youtube (youtube comments, god forbid). We’re just starting out, so I’m sure there’ll be stuff to adjust as we go along. And I hope you enjoy!

2 thoughts on “10 Royal Games Plays Metal Gear Solid V, Part One and Two

  1. Not much to say other than you need better thumbnails if you want to grab some people who are actually from youtube and that one of you was sometimes not speaking loud enough compared to the others. The rest is very good for a first!

  2. On a purely aesthetic side, I thinking you guys did fine. The Volume issues, that sometimes you drowned out the game, and sometimeso the game drowns you out are noticeable but not that bothersome.

    Now, this is going to sound mean.
    But you guys really reminded me why I don’t watch let’s plays. I guess they’re to me like video criticism is for you. Just… kinda uninteresting, which is bizarre since I love games and I like opinions, particularly yours (I’m kind of a huge fan).
    Buy LPS are just… not my thing.
    I’ll get my share of your voice whenever you appear on another ANN podcast.

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