Turn A Gundam, Part Two – Review

As mentioned in this week in review post, I recently returned to Turn A Gundam, sweeping through the second half and thoroughly enjoying the process. I definitely had some central issues with these episodes – in particular, the moon setting and villains never managed to be half as engaging as the earlier material. But even though you’d think those would be major flaws, this half still felt overall more accomplished than the first. Part of that came down to the fact that the show had real momentum now; in the first half, far too many episodes were given over to episodic stories that didn’t amount to much (with Poe and Will Game’s narratives being the worst of them). Here, even though I wasn’t happy with every choice, things were moving almost all the time. Additionally, this second half also managed to build on and complicate the first half’s best characters, making almost all the dramatic clashes here feel weighted and satisfying. Overall, I’d definitely recommend Turn A Gundam to anyone looking for an easy, satisfying entrance into the Gundam franchise.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below!

Turn A Gundam

Episode 26

Master Guin’s moved up the Wilghem launch, Loran’s conflicted, oblivious to Sochie’s feelings

“A Battle for Enlightenment”

The wacky ace dude who became a monk is carrying Dianna

The Wilghem took off, but crashed

Sochie’s talking like Gavane

Sochie mad at Loran, Loran oblivious to Sochie, etc

Gavane wants Sochie to stay safe, which kinda implies he doesn’t know Sochie very well

Loran searching for Dianna

She’s derping at some festival

“We’re here right now, so I’m making something to prove it. We all die eventually.” The monk dude has actually become pretty great

Corin’s his name, right

Harry finds out Dianna is with Corin

Keith mediated the creation of a festival between the Moonrace and Earthers

Corin sees the White Doll and freaks out

Loran and Dianna discussing how they can learn from Keith’s example

There’s another route to the Moon – the Sacktrager, in orbit above the equator

Corin sees the Gundam as a villain now

Harry arrives and yanks Corin out

“Gundam, you can’t be allowed to exist. Even if everyone else has forgotten, it’s inside my head, clear as day. That you’re the white devil.” So Corin was just fixated on the Gundam. Basically his own form of PTSD, that also reflects on the show’s “place” in Gundam chronology

Episode 27

“Midnight Sunrise”

Harry, Dianna, and Loran visiting the Sunbelt

Some really lovely backgrounds and colors in this episode

Those wipes again, lol

The Moonrace have discovered a Mountain Cycle

Harry and Dianna return to the Soleil

The same old weird scene transitions as ever

“I want to have the realities of war captured in my photographs”

The Moonrace find nuclear-powered devices, possibly bombs

Gavane runs into them

Harry and the army leader clash

Kihel and Dianna finally meet again

The two have a great heart-to-heart. Everyone’s individual desire for a better future is nicely clear in moments like this

Harry being moe

Ugh, those Moon-worshipping idiots are back

This show’s serious side villains are pretty lame

Eight live nuclear warheads

Yep, those idiots are going to blow up a nuke

And again, it’s not active betrayal that starts a fight, it’s miscommunication between disparate arms of too-large forces, coupled with hotheadedness from individuals

Sochie makes a very solid captain. Her larger strategic decisions are terrible, but she’s good in a fight

Gavane’s taking the nukes. Oh boy

The Rett team, that’s the idiots

The Rett team hit Gavane’s ally, and a nuke goes off

Dianna tells Kihel to remain as her double as she gathers true allies

Gavane drops the nukers, and is getting crushed

Loran is terrified of the bombs, as he should be. Only the Moonrace understand what’s happening

Whoa, some really nicely animated and staged fights this episode

“We ourselves might be destroyed by those stupid weapons”

Wow, nice effect with Mieshie’s split-screen getting squashed by the bomb approaching

“Isn’t it too early to be dawn already?”

Gavane’s almost certainly dead. But we’ll see!

Episode 28

“The Burden”

A 50km crater

“Gavane was inside this hole?”

“For a long, long time that poison will keep harming any living thing that comes here.”

Asshole army dude (Phil) wants to find more nukes to control the situation

“Did a bomb really do this?” “All you can do is laugh.”

This episode’s focused on just staring at the devastation, which is appropriate

Ah, Gavane might have taken the place of one of the Dianna pilots

Looks like the army assholes found a very powerful-looking mech in the mountain

“Just having them will be a deterrent for the militia!”

And of course the stupid army lady just starts firing at him when he disobeys

Some really awkward frame-shaking to signify rumbling

The Dianna scientist gives the bombs to Loran, just so he can keep them out of the fight

There are many people who just want peace

“These bombs don’t discriminate between friend and foe”

The scientist says he’ll make a directly appeal to Dianna to end the war. “Bury those bombs somewhere. I don’t care what they do to me. I don’t want the deaths of my soldiers to be for nothing.” Oh wow, got chills from this scene

Ralpha’s his name

Sochie volunteers to escort him

Loran slowly making sure the bombs can’t move around inside his mech. Nice sequence

The Moonrace have all sorts of new mechs now

Kihel learning from Dianna

Sochie’s fucking stuff up

And Zenoa dies because the Moonrace refused to listen

Wow, friggin’ Kihel decides to go to the moon herself. Kihel kicks ass

So now Phil’s taken over the counter

Episode 29

“Two Aboard the Soleil”

Trains and riverboats! The loss of Earther technology’s relevance has definitely hurt the show – the turn-of-the-century stuff is just way more interesting than these robots

Seeing the bomb going off has changed Sochie, making her think in larger terms

So now Dianna is bluffing, saying the woman who ran away is Dianna

Guin raising the morale of his engineers

The militia general doesn’t trust the Moonrace engineers

Loran runs into Fran

Everyone’s heading south, towards the route to the moon

Loran decides to get rid of the nukes in space. A pretty terrible idea

Dianna (er, Kihel) thinks Guin negotiating with Agrippa will only prolong the war

Everything’s gotten kind of muddled up with the southern movement. There are all sorts of vague subgroups, no real sides

Kihel basically picking a fight with Guin

Guin wondering which is the real Dianna

Poe getting second thoughts about betraying Dianna

The Willghem fired its particle cannon and obliterated one of Poe’s escorts

The scientists and bakers just want to do their work, regardless of the side

Looks like Miran may be siding with Dianna/Kihel against Phil

Episode 30

So we’re just starting the “is she Kihel or Dianna” drama over again for Loran. Lame storytelling choice – we’re really leaning too hard on the switching, and there was no payoff for either the first version of this or the Loran stuff

Lack of payoff and tight arcs is a real problem in this show. It’s a whole lot of “and then this happened, and then this happened,” without much sense of momentum

Some nice seaside scenery, though!

The Moonrace engineers are excited to be flying with Dianna

Guin knows the Moonrace have multiple factions, so he wants to negotiate with their leaders on the Moon

That random guy who tried to kill Dianna with… whatserface, the red-haired woman, picks up Kihel

The other girls getting mad at Loran for being insanely dense about Sochie

“You’re getting my wedding dress dirty! Let go of me! What’s your problem.”

An oddly beautiful scene of Sochie putting on her wedding dress and shouting for Gavane

The Rett group idiots are planning something idiotic again

Joseph and Fran are a really cute couple

“You’re lucky, being able to think like that. All I can think of is taking revenge on the enemies in front of me.” A nice moment of self-awareness from Sochie

Yeah, Joseph and Fran have some of the best conversations

Army men firing old muskets to salute a spaceship crossing the sea. The kind of image that makes this series

And again, battle happens largely by accident

I’ve grown pretty fond of these wacky screen-in-screen shots

The Rett guy using his mech’s powers to attack with the sea is nice

Episode 31

The Rett team “blasts off again” at the end of the last episode, and I’m left hoping it’ll be a long time before they appear again. This show’s villains are weak – they’re understandable, but not likable

Phil is spreading propaganda now, telling the Moonrace to destroy the Earthers

Poe’s all upset because Phil seems to have abandoned her

These scenes of Sochie and Loran talking as they cross the sea are lovely. Great small scenes

I think the main issue is the attacks on the militia/Guin/Loran/whoever all feel way too “Team Rocket Strikes”-ish

There’s often no sense of consequence or growth, and the villain motivation generally remains static, so I grow to dislike their appearance

Harry grabs Poe, and gives her some medicine for her illness

Dianna crossing the scene on an interesting steamship sorta thing

Ah shit, the Rett team spot her

Now Poe’s making a crazy show of strength, attacking the Willghem without warning

The Gendarme, a crazy plumed ship, appears from the sky

This fight in the lightning storm is pretty sweet

Oh shit, Sochie’s using her water-ready mech to throw Loran at Poe’s ship. SWEET

Dianna being all gallant and shit about the Rett team

A really nice flute-and-guitar song for the ending of this episode

The soundtrack remains diverse in general

Really good Sochie-Loran scenes this episode

Episode 32

“The King of Myth”

This sea arc is offering the chance for a lot of beautiful shots

Sochie has grown up a lot

Another very unique song – a merry old-fashioned piano jaunt

The Militia are fighting against gun batteries at Manupichi

The militia leader calls for a temporary retreat. Guin refuses

He tells them to knock out the gun batteries by dawn

Nice, a solid and coherent dramatic goal

“In every respect, this new giant resembles the White Devil.” The locals aren’t happy

The Adescans are the locals

“If Gavane was here, he’d-” “Gavane is dead. You’re the leader of the suicide squad now. Don’t let your men die for nothing.”

Wow, damn dramatic swordfight between Loran and the king of Adesca

Guin remains a very interesting and ambiguous character. There’s so much violence and ambition in him, in spite of his seemingly reasonable demeanor

Some appropriate chanting for the legend of Adesca

Mobile suits as ancient legends

Some great pistol versus archer fighting

Invading an ancient temple, this is some great Indiana Jones stuff to vary up the storytelling

Episode 33

“The Taking of Manupichi”

Joseph and the Adescan girl getting close

Nice dramatic scene between the two of them

And some good direction for this drama

The old king Quatrol had to endure scorn for pretending to flee to save Tarka’s honor

Great backgrounds for Manupichi

Sochie and the Suicide Squad dude mobilize to go into the firing zone so Guin can’t fire the main cannon. Not a second thought, and both of them smiling. This cast is great

Settin’ bombs on the cannons

And Kihel escapes! EVERYONE IS GREAT

Sochie leading a counterattack to help them get the last gun! AND THEN THE ADESCANS ARRIVE SHIIII


Joseph’s conflicted about seeing the Adescan girl sacrifice herself

Episode 34

“Fly! Into the Stratosphere”

“Sunrise on Earth… I expect this is the last one I will ever see”

King Tarka wondering whether he’ll live up to his predecessor

I’m more of a fan of the direction this time. Lots of nicely chosen shots, even if understated

Harry fighting the ship Dianna’s in

But they get away

“If you harm Dianna in any way, I will make you pay, even if it takes a million lifetimes!”

Poe’s ship is sent in to prevent the nukes from getting into space

Love these backgrounds. Not as good as the original town, but very nice

“What’s that?” “Punishment for our hubris?” lol dialogue

Loran’s fighting with double maces

They’re taking off!


They’re flying for the Sacktraeger, but need a final boost

Episode 35

“Sacktrager” (with an umlaut over the second a)

Briefing the whole staff on staying in their cockpits or suffocating in space

Really awkward image of the ship clearing the Sacktrager

Super bombastic track for this. Crazy horns and strings

I love how these turn-of-the-century soldiers are dealing with space combat

Harry helping the militia with their suits

Harry being cheeky about his fraught position in the current politics

Getting stuck in the Sacktrager is not the most compelling drama

Too many episodes of this are just “we got held up doing the thing we were going to do last episode” without much spice

I really love the small details, though – Lily getting used to reduced gravity and testing it with her umbrella, etc

Harry volunteers to negotiate with the Sacktrager crew

Harry, Loran, and Sochie head out to engage

Harry talking about the enemy giving him the silent treatment lol

Lily still using her umbrella even in her space suit

The two “Diannas” negotiate and allow each other to pass the gate. Pretty great scene

Episode 36

“Militia Space Showdown”

Loran and the Heim sisters being cute in zero gravity

Playing tag in the hanger. Nice little moment

The militia being dorks and not figuring out zero gravity

Sochie and Kihel talking like sisters for the first time in forever

Just a generally cute episode

Drunk militiamen planning to ride a barrel back to earth

The militia colonel Michael takes Kihel hostage and demands they return to earth

“Walking into the heart of enemy territory with one ship is far too reckless.” Michael is right

“Did you bring wild animals, Guin?” “Only you ladies.”

Loran getting frustrated Earthers don’t understand distance versus scale in space

“Just leave them. This saves us the trouble of executing them.” Harry stone cold

The colonel staring at a picture of his family. A nice little moment for him, and a great song for it

Episode 37

“Gateway to the Moon”

Midgard is unsurprisingly planning to hand over Dianna to Agrippa. The Rett people find out

The use of zero gravity is gorgeous with the old costumes

The team getting used to zero g is still pretty great

Loran, Sochie, Miashie, and Fran having a nice conversation

A minute dedicated to Dianna’s hair

Dianna flees to “Mistletoe,” an abandoned asteroid, and tells the militia group

Gorgeous shot of ships crossing the moon

General Gym. Blue hair, sounds like Dio

Real awkward CG for the asteroid

Lovely backgrounds for the interior though

Harry betrays Kihel, taking her for the sake of Dianna!

Wow, great shot with Loran and Sochie against the spinning structure of the asteroid

Episode 38

“Warrior God Ghingnham”

“So this is where your ancestors modified crops so they’d be growable in space”

Fighting in the belly of the asteroid

“That’s a Gundam, cursed by all Moonrace, no all who live in space!”

Now Kihel’s asking Harry to tell her he loves her, I guess?

Welp, this sure is a thing now, apparently

They make a great dramatic display of the Willghem arriving in Mistletoe. This show is pretty good at capturing the wonder and terror of space for people who are new to it

Kihel being a badass in negotiatons with Ghingnham, bluffing up a storm

Typo: “But can we find out way out?”

“When it comes time for me to die, I wish to meet my end in your arms.” Seriously, where the hell did this Kihel-Harry stuff come from?

The Ghingnham army are boys with toys, making war their life even though they’ve never been in one

Escaping a collapsing asteroid

Wonderful explosion animation

“The dream that has waited three thousand years, a world of combat, will now come true.” Cue evil laugh

Episode 39

New OP!

Jeez, this OP is just Loran and Kihel/Dianna

“Shattering an Asteroid”

Sochie rushes off to save Kihel

“It would seem the real thing is different from simulations.” Proving Ghingnham’s group are unprepared

“is barbaric act” another typo

Guin says Loran and his group are deserters, allowing them to act freely

The asteroid is falling towards the Moon

Von City will be destroyed

So Ghing mobilizes the X-Top

Loran’s going to use the nukes to destroy the asteroid

Really nice sketchy effects for mechs getting hit by lasers

Harry being smug and obtuse to Ghing

“If you’re resonating with the Turn X, you must be the Turn A, my brother!” wuh oh

Loran finds a way to use nukes to save lives

“I won’t lose anyone else to one of those explosions!”

A strange chanting song for them landing on the Moon

So the Rett team end up just drifting off without regrets, having made sure Dianna made it to the Moon

Episode 40

“Sea Battle on the Moon”

Oh my god, Sochie just slamming right into the White Doll

They head to an underground canal on the Moon

Donna, a Moonrace girl Loran knows. The camera definitely likes her

Guin and Ghing negotiating

A very strange little underground port

“The news hasn’t said anything about any war!”

So the Moon has been under Agrippa’s martial law

Moon towns are built vertically, with the canal and fishing village above the city, which is further underground

Really liking this vision of the Moon

Most of the technology up here is old-fashioned, too

And Ghing’s men head into the canal

“if you accidentally set off an explosion, you’ll flood the city below us!” that strikes me as poor urban planning

Guin’s having a pretty easy time negotiating with the idiot Ghing

Great visuals for this underwater battle

Whales to the rescue!

Gengnham, the capital of the Moon

Episode 41

Col. Michael and his crew are stealing supplies from the Moonrace, they run into Loran and Sochie

Lily got Guin a meeting with Agrippa

“Another round of talks with another leader. Is this going to do any good?”

“Do you ever experience self-loathing?” “I do, sir.” And then Harry punches him out. Awesome

And Ghing’s asshole subordinate organizes another pointless sortie against the White Doll

These repetitive attacks by the nobody troops are maybe the biggest failing of this second half

The Mahiroo Squad

Agrippa at last. He’s a preening lech, obsessed with Lily

The Willghem crew using the city as a shield

“This is what happens when one lets the Ghingnham family off its leash”

And of course Guin immediately sees the battle as an opportunity

Guin attempting to learn about the Turn A. Agrippa knows something

Harry and Kihel discover a mobile suit team excavating on the moon – a Mountain Cycle situation

Humanity’s Turn A and the Moon’s Turn X brought humanity to the brink

Ghing’s assholes threaten to kill Guin if they don’t turn over the White Doll

The politics have gotten more simplified here on the Moon. Basically none of the Moon antagonists have particularly engaging motivations yet

Episode 42

“The Turn X Activates”

Midgard has taken Guin and the two ladies hostage

Loran just enjoying a moment with his friends

This Ghing soldier just isn’t interesting to fight. He’s a child

“Fire that gun, and this entire city will die with it.” Lily’s a badass

Dianna blames herself for the coming fall of the Moonrace

Oh my god. Ghing puts himself up on full screen and Agrippa keeps turning him down

“What if the Turn A transforms into the butterfly while Stero is fighting it?!” hmmm

The Turn X is complete

Agrippa challenges Loran to fight the Turn X

Fran Doll: “Why ‘Turn X’? An X looks exactly the same upside-down.” Awesome

Agrippa negotiates like an angry child, like all these Moonrace

Agrippa claims the earth reclamation plan has ignited the fighting instinct in the Moonrace

Oh jeez, they used the mega particle cannon

They redirect all the power being used by the Moonrace to activate the Turn X. A pretty simple metaphor for what the military focus does to a people

Ghing’s going to pilot the Turn X himself

Harry busts through the back of the throne room

Guin takes the gun from Midgard

The Turn A destroyed Earth’s civilization

Agrippa just keeps rising up on his pillar. Lol

“Joy in life is the result of living out our days and dying”

“My dream of peace has been turned into war. Perhaps the time has come for me to die.”

The Turn X obliterates Ghing’s men following Loran

It is a very imposing mech!

Episode 43

“The Shocking Dark History”

Ghing decides to engage with Loran by asking him to grovel and run away

Loran asking Ghing why he betrayed Dianna

Dianna addressing her people

Guin/Dianna/etc going to investigate the dark history

Another crazy underground environment for the library

Ah, it holds the cold sleep capsules too

Sochie just now learns Dianna has been playing the part of her sister for all this time

And now Guin learns that Kihel was the one who delivered the speech

This is a cute way to hide a recap episode

Stero being an idiot again

“My queen’s ass’? HOW DARE YOU?!” omg Harry

Oh damn, great shot of Harry fighting

Sweatson Stero, what a name

Agrippa and his men get captured by the militia

Dianna unlocking the Dark History

Talking about the Universal Century. Finally linking to the other gundam series

Nice ominous track for this reveal

“This was mankind’s final war”

The Moonlight Butterfly, a power of the Turn A that destroyed earth civilization

Episode 44

“The Enemy Starts Anew”

Nice dramatic shots of the group watching the Dark History

Agrippa’s points about the Earth Return Plan being a bad idea are actually proven right, but he’s such a caricature it’s hard to engage with him

Riots in Gengnham!

“What the Dark History tells me is that warriors should fight to prove their valor!”

“Your misinterpretations are catastrophically wrong!” Oh Harry

The rioters have wildly differing complaints, which makes sense

Dianna and Kihel rush to kill Agrippa, but Midgard kills him first in order to maintain peace. Then he turns the gun on Dianna

So Agrippa is dead

Loran fightin’ like mad out on the surface

Midgard breaks free

Dianna doesn’t trust Guin. As she shouldn’t

Sochie rummaging around to find a mace to fight with

Guin tells Sid to loot the winter palace for all Dark History data

Midgard pilots a warship into the Winter Palace. He’s kinda losing it

Uh oh. Loran shielding the missiles is activating the Moonlight Butterfly

Midgard’s nerve breaks as he realizes the White Doll is truly the Turn A. Repenting, he is killed by Harry

Harry: “I now have two ladies to defend.” OH HARRY

Dianna addresses her people, finally reclaiming some sanity

Episode 45

“Guin the Traitor” AH SHIT


Kihel and Harry being cute, talking about how the machines can drain pilot energy

People are waking up from the capsules

Elderly daughters welcoming their young mothers back from the capsule

Nice low-key song here

Guin grabbing gundam schematics from the Dark History

Sochie and Loran looking for Moon souvenirs. Really cute

Ghing arrives at the White Castle

Ghing and Merrybell being the angry children they are

“Even if we launched a coup, the people are on Dianna’s side”

Lily just enjoying some cocoa

Lily inching her chair over to Kihel as they talk. Nice bit of body language

Guin orders a return to Earth

He allies with Ghing, and grabs Loran before leaving

Loran escapes, and attempts to push the Willghem back to the Moon

But the Turn X arrives

Sid regrets his actions

Loran commits to fighting to kill

But the Turn X splits into pieces!

Loran escapes in a pod, leaving Turn A stranded on the surface of the Moon

Episode 46

“To Earth Once Again”

So now Guin has the White Doll as well

Lily says she doesn’t have time to be mad. There’s work to do. Lily remains great

Ghing’s fleet is destroying the ports, keeping Dianna and the others from chasing Guin

We’re finally at the point where the sides are nicely complicated again

Oh my god, some women at the armory want Loran’s autograph and Sochie gets jealous

Feels like the fight animation has really improved in this second half

“Someone’s aboard… I have to!” Loran’s also grown, and learned he sometimes has to fight to protect what he cares about

Once again, the show really captures the wonder of space flight

Episode 47

“Ghingnham Invades”

Ghing’s awful shithead soldiers are blowing up civilian targets on Earth

“I’ll never forgve the Ghingnham fleet for this!”

Keith’s baker girlfriend gets hurt

Lily dictating an alliance of Amerian forces to fight Guin. Lily taking charge!

And now she wants to negotiate with Dianna to expand their alliance

Aww, Keith kisses

Ghingnham soldiers are seizing control of all the Amerian capitals

Keith and the Moonrace engineer mourning Guin’s fall

Merrybell: “This little rich boy seems like he’ll be worth toying with.” Guin is a child in his own way. He does not respect the finality of his actions, and thinks he can talk his way out of anything. That complete self-confidence was a great asset in the first half of the series, but now it’s blinding him

Lily kicking ass and taking names

And of course the militia attacks in the midst of talks

Condraft is the pilot they picked up on the way to the Winter Castle

And Merrybell gets in the Turn A

Guin can’t control the Ghing soldiers

AWESOME explosions!

Keith’s factories were burned to the ground

Keith’s friends advise him not to fight

Episode 48

“The Return of Dianna”

Nice tornado animation

Merrybell already using the moonlight butterfly

Guin doing his best to control Ghing

Corin returns! Kinda happy to see him, actually

Joseph being rash and going off to steal the Turn A himself

Ghing’s troops go to fight Phil’s forces

Dianna plans to join the fight, assisting Phil

Joseph’s lost his sense

Guin tempting Joseph to join him

Bruno and Jacop give Joseph’s group an escape route, Joseph drops bombs on the Willghem

Joseph’s plan actually ends up pretty badass. Color me surprised, Joseph

Joseph makes a giant rope leap into the Turn A! Joseph does three flips over a flaming mountain!

Phil just RAMS another ship with one of his own. Jeeeez

A great guitar track for Poe seeing Dianna. A remix of one of the main themes

And the alliance is forged! What a great scene

Episode 49

“Moonlight Butterfly”

Now Joseph’s refusing to give back the Turn A. Whoops

Corin gets a custom Kapool

A coastal battle between almost everyone

Lily directing from the battlefield

The Turn A and Turn X join the fight

A last moment between Kihel and Harry before he joins the fight. Accompanied by a quiet, somber song

Ghing destroys Stero for interrupting his battle. A fitting end

Ghing’s wild beam hits the Willghem

Harry fighting like mad to stop the Turn X

Ghing blocks with the Moonlight Butterfly

Harry and Poe making a great team

Episode 50

“Golden Autumn”

“Don’t feel like you’re being racially abused while unconscious, okay?” Fran keeps a good sense of humor about her dumbass boyfriend

Guin decides to head to the factory, knowing that if Ghing wins, Ameria is finished, so he has to act assuming it won’t be

And the Willghem crashes, at long last

“The Turn A is just a machine! It can be used for the benefit of all if used properly!”

The A and X start a reaction, and Corin tries to break them apart

And Corin is gone

The Soleil prepares to fire on the Turns

“It’s just like the Adescan kings.” The old must be discarded for a new age to begin

“The world isn’t quite ready for me to begin an industrial revolution in a skirt.” Oh my god Lily and Guin are the best

“Take care! I’ll govern Ameria in a skirt!” LILY YESSS

Nice black and white shots as the Turns get enveloped in light

Sochie reflects as she moves towards the battlefield


“That looks like a cocoon standing there.”