Paranoia Agent – Episode 11

Paranoia Agent isn’t quite winding down yet, but it is finally returning to its original core cast. This week we were introduced to one more viewpoint character, but Mrs. Ikari’s story ended up doubling as a visit back into the life of her husband, the former police chief Keichi Ikari. Keichi’s not doing so well, post-firing – he’s juggling several jobs and avoiding his home and generally feeling like a person that the world has passed by. I enjoyed both halves of this episode, though it couldn’t match the highlights of standouts like last week. But the Shonen Bat interview was an engaging device, and Keichi was given some welcome texture through the new perspective his wife provided. Another solid episode for Paranoia Agent.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below!

Paranoia Agent

A woman talking to her doctor: “We don’t have that kind of money.” “But your life depends on it.”

Sagi on TV, talking about the debut of Mellow Maromi

“I hope this animation will help spread a sense of peace among people.” Just like Shonen Bat

The younger cop is now wearing a ludicrous disguise, with a radio antenna sticking out of his back

Rumors of Shonen Bat as the train sound begins

The Ikari residence

Her directly talking with Shonen Bat concealed behind the screen door. A great setup

Ah, her husband is the older office, Keichi Ikari. Now a traffic cop

“Do you think that you’re lifting their burdens off their shoulders? That you’re giving them salvation? Sit down. I’ll make you understand that humans are not as weak or corrupt as you seem to think.”

And he really does sit down

She talks about having a weak constitution, assuming she’d die, then meeting Keichi, who said he’d accept everything about her

Seeing a new side of the chief

Though of course, Kon subverts it with the chief perving at the same time. Kon’s such a dick

She couldn’t have children. “He held me tightly, and said ‘let’s face reality’

The chief running between jobs

Shonen Bat becomes more eager and powerful the more negative she becomes

Kids on the train wishing Shonen Bat would destroy their school as Keichi silently travels to his third job of the day

Ikari runs into a man he once arrested at his next job

Outside of the framing of the wife’s scenes, this episode’s aesthetics are more straightforward than the usual ones

Shonen Bat getting restless, destroying the house. Of course, it could just be her, as always

The ex-detective and ex-burglar each reminiscing about being old-fashioned

“Seeing you again somehow feels as if I’ve come home”

“He told me he would not come home until he arrested the culprit”

Shonen Bat represented a counterpoint to the ordered life Keichi had attempted to live by

The ex-burglar: “That monster is a product of the age”

The show’s really fallen animation-wise

“Don’t run away from reality. A makeshift salvation is nothing but deception.” Of course Keichi would say that

Now she becomes the imposing figure, challenging Shonen Bat

The strength of humans

“The only thing you’re capable of is to feel pleased by yourself for taking such action.”

“You’re the same as that Maromi thing!”

And then the four walls of her room fall back to reveal a painted hillside. A strange effect

“Her long illness has even affected her mind.” ah, there it is. That Kon touch

“All I know is that my time is over”

Another one of those old-fashioned match boxes, handed to him by the burglar. And then they step outside into a flat old-fashioned world