Gatchaman Crowds insight – Episode 12


I can’t really feel that sad, though. This was an excellent conclusion to an excellent series, tying up the show’s existing ideas and character journeys well while giving us a few final standout conversations to remember it by. That melancholy conversation between Tsubasa and Gelsadra in the first half had to be one of my favorite sequences of either season, and the actual battle with Hajime wasn’t far behind. The show really pulled out all the visual stops for that one – Hajime finally got to have a Big Damn Hero moment, and it was glorious. insight has challenged the messages of the first season and swept in more ideas besides, and its thoughts on group culture could not be more relevant to our modern world. Even if this show is aimed specifically at Japanese culture, anyone who uses the internet could probably learn something from this show’s example. HURRAY FOR LEARNING AND EMPATHY AND STUFF.

Anyway, you can check out my huge-ass review over at ANN, or my notes below!

Gatchaman Crowds insight

So yep, here’s the explanation we knew was coming. Hajime used Katze’s power

Everyone arguing with her about the plan in their own way

Jou: “I find it hard to believe that by doing this, everyone will realize their mistake.” Ever the pessimist about the average person

“Well, we won’t know if we don’t try!” And yep, Hajime the optimist is taking Rui’s role

“I can’t attack you, Hajime. You’re not my enemy!” “Then who is your enemy?”

“Our enemy this time is all of us”

“I’m the one who’s going to get defeated. And the people who defeat me are going to be the ones I believe in!”

“Sometimes you have to risk your own life to protect the things you hold dear.” OD making the exact same statement to Tsubasa as before with Rui, making the parallel with that conflict explicit

“Our thoughts agreed with everyone else, so we felt safe.” Gatchaman nails internet witch hunts

“then how did we realize it now?” “because we’re alone”

Maaan this Tsubasa-Gelsadra conversation is great

I like Hajime’s pensive look at Gelsadra thanks her

This episode probably didn’t need this much recap

The expressions through this redone fight are great though

This episode is beautiful. Really using the mix of visual styles well

“You’re everyone’s hero, Tsubasa-chan!”

“Heroes don’t just save those in front of them. They must sometimes sacrifice themselves to save the many.” Like both Rui and Hajime attempted, through never backing down on the ideals they felt would save everyone

“Senpai has yet to regain consciousness” I love this shot with the Millione logo in the background

god, Millione fake-crying

“This time, please don’t reply as quickly as you usually do” The importance of considering your own thoughts. It made Hajime appear weak this season, but it’s so important

And yep, Hajime basically becomes the Christ figure. Sacrificing herself for their sins, waking after several days

Man, this is a show worth learning from

“I can’t help but feel like the atmosphere is starting to lean in another direction again”

“It was just for a moment, but don’t you feel like you saw a glimpse of a good future?” Love hearing the people discuss Gelsadra

And this is also the future Rui hoped for – a society of independent actors doing what they think is best

Gelsadra remains on earth by a small majority. I like that

Rizumu smiles, too

And the PM once again uses the new decision as a vehicle in politics. “This is all our faults” as an answer to criticism. Things don’t always change

Crowds and Kuu-sama hanging out, oh boy

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  1. Hajime’s suffering was surprisingly visceral. She’s been an otherworldly deus ex machina-ish character throughout the series; I was surprised to see her even mildly humanized as the other Gatchaman tore her apart.

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