Fall 2015 – First Impressions, Part One

Preview week has begun, and I’m already knee-deep in anime no one should be forced to suffer through. Actually, this first wave honestly hasn’t been that bad – there hasn’t been much I’ve actually enjoyed watching, outside of the obvious Owarimonogatari, but there also hasn’t been much that’s so terrible I felt ready to forsake the medium altogether. Well, there’s been a bit of that. But less than expected! Plus I’ve already powered through a good portion of the light novel adaptations, and with them out of the way, I’m pretty confident nothing else can really hurt me anymore. All I need now is some shows I actually want to watch…

Heavy Object

You can check out the full review guide here, or check below for a rundown of my scores so far and links to specific reviews. LET’S ANIME.

Owarimonogatari – 4.5/5

The Asterisk War – 3.5/5

Young Black Jack – 3/5

Heavy Object – 2.5/5

Attack on Titan! Junior High – 2/5

Lance N’ Masques – 2/5

Chivalry of a Failed Knight – 1/5

7 thoughts on “Fall 2015 – First Impressions, Part One

  1. No Utawarerumono? A shame, because aside from its slow pace and lack of a strong hook, it’s okay and pretty well-produced at least.

    Personally, I kind of enjoy Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry more because there’s more meat to it than Heavy Object’s. Also it offended me less than Heavy Object with its utterly butchered politics and history. But maybe because I’ve already read the manga and thus can look forward to the MC and the Heroine getting together (and how they try getting to know each other more like a normal teenagers). Heavy Object… pretty much the only reason I’m sticking with it is due to people saying it’s going to go full Love Deterrence and have them take down the mechs on foot, though that idea has its own share of problems too.

    Lance N Masques… the visual style full of pre-puberty little girls kind of turns me off, but the premise is still holding my interest for now. It’s not great, but

    I see that Owarimonogatari got great score, but the problem with it is that it’s too long a series and it’s too much of a trouble to catch up for me. It would be nice if they could present the watching order as clearly as, say, JoJo or normal long-running shows, but here I’m not sure if I should download Nisemonogatari next or Bakemonogatari Season 2, or if they’re the same…

    Young Black Jack is already proving more interesting than what I remember about the original Black Jack. As for Asterisk… I’m still holding judgement on it, it’s too similar to Rakudai Kishi – I would have dismissed Rakudai Kishi if I hadn’t known what will happen, so it would be fair for me to wait… about three episodes for Asterisk too.

    Basically, nothing too stand out for me right now. Pretty much everything came from prior knowledge right now.

    • I heard around that Utawarerumono was great.
      But I don’t know if to watch the current show, or watch the older season… which is based on a visual novel that has a translation.
      Also, the current adpatation is based on a very new game that’s coming for Vita and PS4 (Japan only).

      So these are the options I’m considering:
      -Read translated VN and wait for PS4/PSVita western release (probably never happening).
      -Watch the old anime first and then the current one.
      -Read translated VN and then the current anime
      -Just watch the current anime.

      • Utawarerumono 2 is set after the first series/game, but doesn’t require any knowledge of it.

        I would suggest starting this one and going back and watching the first season when you get a chance

  2. I’m amazed at the disparity of your grades of Chivalry and Asterisk. Both were just junk by the standards you set out in your Chivalry review, yet Asterisk gets points not for being any good, but for having some slightly nicer animation?

    Is this how low our standards have gotten, that we’re willing to give the same crap anime a pretty high score just because it looks a bit nicer than usual? Then why does Black Jack get a lower one? Surely its much better script makes up for the extra .5 difference in score?

    I honestly don’t know why any of us bother to review anime anymore. And I say “we” because I’m also finding myself caught in a place where I feel obligated to hand out pity-marks to the dreck that’s airing lately.

    • Have you read his reviews? Nicer animation isn’t the only thing he liked more. Your comment feels like your complaining about something you haven’t even taken the time to read.

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