10 Royal Games Update

Hey guys! 10 Royal Games is still plugging along, though the schedule got wonky there for a couple days. We’ll hopefully be recording a whole new crop of videos this weekend, and might introduce some classic Dark Souls at this point – I’m sure we’ll be digging into the Bloodborne DLC when that arrives, but for now, nothing to do but stick with the classics.

A couple of the MGSV segments got skipped for some reason, but they’ve since been added back into the list, so there should be a smooth run of episodes from beginning to our current point on both games. We’ve also updated the video images to actually include relevant game and video number info, which will hopefully making keeping track a little easier! You can check out all the videos over on youtube, or see the specific missing segments (Dan’s inglorious attempts to rescue good ol’ Kaz) here and here. More coming soon!

10 Royal Games

One thought on “10 Royal Games Update

  1. I have a game suggestion: Undertale.

    Don’t look up on any spoiler if you haven’t played it yet. Just know that it is one of the best JRPG I’ve ever played. It’s basically an Earthbound-ish NES-style RPG, with rhythm-style interface to determine Attacks accuracy, Bullet Hell-ish mechanism (sometimes changed to something else when fighting bosses) for defense, and the ability to talk and spare the monsters (full Pacifist run is possible).

    It really reminds me of Diamond in the Rough (a fan-made video series by a guy named Spaztique on YouTube, try it if you have time – it’s basically Spec Ops: The Line on fanfiction community) and plays like my dream sequel of it (well, the Pacifist run anyways. The Genocide run… well…)

    Sorry if you guys already know about it, just wish you guys try making an LP series of it if you could (and also giving a recommendation on DitR – I’ve always wondered what you would think about it but couldn’t find an in-topic way to give a rec for it).

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