September 2015 Patreon Roundup

Hey all! So I’ve finished answering all of last month’s Patreon questions, and figured it might be a good idea to start linking those mini-essays over here. You may remember I attempted to catalog some of my longer answers here a while back, but I think this formatting will be a lot more manageable. I actually put a pretty significant amount of work into the questions I get, and since there’s no schedule to their release, unless you’re checking my page consistently you’re very likely to miss a pretty thorough response. Fortunately, on my end I have all the tools I need to keep track of specific Patreon answers, so I figured it’d be good to make them a bit more available. I’ll be starting with the most recent set of answers today, and then going forward I’ll hopefully fill in the older missing ones as I catalog new months.

I’ve included links to all my specific September responses below the cut. And as always, if you’d like a question of your own answered, my Patreon is thataway. Hope you enjoy!

Revolutionary Girl Utena

Is it possible for once-great art to be replaced by new media that copy their innovations?

Have you read Digibro’s analysis of Psycho-Pass, and what are your own thoughts on how the sequel measured up to the original?

Would a Kaiki-Hachiman conversation do any good for either of them?

What shows would you recommend based on my watched list?

How does Ikuhara’s use of comedy play into your impression of his works?

Can you comment on why you think Jun Maeda’s works are effective for so many people even though they don’t work for you personally?

If you could take a crack at “fixing” a flawed show from this year, what would you choose and how would you change it?

Which monster girls do you think would be Hachiman and Kaiki’s favorites?

If you were a fighting game character, how would you play?

How’s K-On! working out for you this time, and how has your perspective changed since the first time you watched it?