The Perfect Insider – Episode 4

Welp, we’re in full murder-mystery territory now. And as far as that goes, The Perfect Insider isn’t really the best – its variables are kind of hokey, from the nature of Magata’s laboratory to hackneyed twists like the fact that she has multiple personalities. There are still a number of interesting little clues, though, and I still like everything around the mystery. In this case, that mainly comes down to Moe and Magata’s pasts – the show is drawing constant parallels between the two of them, and I’m interested in seeing both how they eventually come together and if Moe ever gets to have a second meeting with Magata, or whatever form Magata might now take. Perfect Insider isn’t making all the right moves, but it’s still an interesting show.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my episode notes below!

The Perfect Insider

“The Rainbow-Colored Past” once again a color title

Moe catches her breath from seeing the director’s murder and then monologues all the evidence his death presents, with the camera framing it as her speaking to herself. Finding comfort in information

Moe inspects the first corpse

“purple… a very important…” she’s pulling pieces together like Souhei did

Souhei still wants to shield her from this and stay out of it, but Moe’s invested now

Yamane’s losing his cool, and Deborah’s unreliability makes everything difficult

Magata had a sitting room even though she never had guests, and two chairs at her kitchen table

The bedroom is locked from the inside – inside is a robot, Michiru, with Magata’s voice

The whole “apartment” is eerily clean, with bizarre touches of personality – the lego British guard, the statue head

Souhei breaks down the robot’s abilities

“Why did she make a robot like this.” “Dunno. To kill time?”

“This place is too clean. It’s hard to believe something awful happened here.”

“Then you couldn’t throw away anything big, could you?” “Yes you could. If you chopped it into pieces.” Dang Moe

“We’re locked in here, in this windowless world”

Magata is two versions ahead of the lab on Red Magic

An appointment for yesterday in her calendar: “Everything becomes F” It feels clear she’s leaving them small clues and seeing what they do

Magata leaves a final message – “I will leave no trace I’m alive, but the computer and Red Magic 6 as presents.”

“It’s unfortunate that I must leave Michiru, the one who most wanted to leave. But there’s something I must do.” – Kurimoto Kishio

And Sasaki Suma as well. Both her and Kurimoto are apparently the doctor’s other personalities, which explains a fair amount

Suma says she wanted to see the ocean again. Was she the one from the flashbacks?

This is definitely straying into more mundane fantastical mystery territory

“From these messages, they must be from the killer”

“I want to learn why this happened.” Moe framed between Magata’s monitors, trapped like before

Apparently Magata got the wedding dress three years ago

“Like a cute doll”

And she said a doll killed her parents – did she mean the person they wanted her to be? The genius?

“The other personalities inside me don’t know about my parents”

Yep, she called herself the doll and the one with a motive

Yep, spelling out all this stuff about dolls not having wills of their own

“It’s only humans who take this long to become adults”

One of her alternate personalities calming her down with the older man

He frames it like she seduced him. But we’re hearing his memories in retrospect, since it’s the man from the first scene

And now we get Moe’s “purple” – her first checking Magata’s corpse, and then walking down a long line of body bags, checking in one