Beautiful Bones – Episode 5

Welp, the cursed man arc ended this week, and it was… fine. Not really much to say about it. The show’s doing better than it was in the first few episodes, but it’s still not really something that excites me – it’s boilerplate mystery procedural stuff, the same kind of show that airs for 25 out of every 24 hours here in the states. Making the protagonist a chuunibyou woman with a dead brother doesn’t really do much to up the excitement voltage.

But hey, at least this episode introduced an Evil Painter. That’s kinda funny!

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below.

Beautiful Bones

“When I look at this painting while holding my baby, I feel at peace.” Hiding all this stuff from his wife

And a flashback to the man with the hat and trenchcoat standing here

nooo the stupid transformation scene

The painting uses a toxic paint that contains arsenic

Mold from its time in storage is also releasing the arsenic

She could see the consequences of the arsenic in his fingers

“From a psychological standpoint, anxiety can be a lethal poison. Relieving patients of anxiety is one of a doctor’s roles.” That’s basically what Sakurako does – her solutions bring peace

The painting appraiser told him to show the painting to the baby

She also diagnoses the family issues as a heart defect

“Women have a very high tolerance for stress. Men can actually die of heartbreak”

“There’s no reason to give up out of fear that you’ll die”

Now the dude’s talking with the painting appraiser. Some bad business left

Ah, he’s lost a bunch of money. So he wants to die to protect his family with life insurance money

Ah, he wanted the police officer over to confirm his death wasn’t intentional

This second detective vision sequence is way better than the first one

Utsumi’s the officer

Fujioka’s the guy

I like this shot of Fujioka framed with them all around and the flowers in the foreground, like at his funeral

“You presume to know what it’s like for those that are left behind?” Nice angry moment with Sakurako

If you have life, that’s enough

The man in the hat is linked to the corpse butterflies

Sakurako’s dialogue is still crap