The Perfect Insider – Episode 6

Screw you, Perfect Insider! I go to bat for you for half the damn season and this is how you repay me? A recap episode?! A RECAP EPISODE IN AN ELEVEN EPISODE SERIES?!?

Yeah, this week was some hot garbage in pretentious professorville. Not only was this episode dominated by a big ol’ recap segment, it also hung basically all its emotional weight on a scene between Moe and Souhei that I can’t even physically conceive of caring about. Who cares about Souhei? Is there a single person watching this show who actually likes Souhei? I cheer whenever Moe yells at him, and groan whenever any character takes him seriously. Souhei is bullshit.

Anyway. That’s that. If you want an actual non-rambling critique of this week’s episode, you can check out my review at ANN, or maybe my notes below. GOD DAMN.

The Perfect Insider

“Crimson Resolve”

Opening with the bright blue sky

The setting is finally opening up again

This curry scene is great. This episode has a nice flow and humor

Souhei going over the case to himself, Moe to her classmates

We’re really just getting a recap

Moe’s getting drunk

She blames Souhei for “running away from the mysteries”

The lab manager wants them to hide Magata’s death, so the team doesn’t lose a major contract in a week

Yamane tries to bribe Souhei to keep him quiet

Drunk on non-alcoholic beer, of course

“When I was a kid, I couldn’t stand fireworks. I wondered why everyone was so happy, doing something so dangerous.” And earlier he’d said that in high school he would have envied Magata’s environment. He seems to be turning around on the isolationist lifestyle

And so they resolve to solve the mystery. Not much weight to this, though

They agree to help with the cover-up in exchange for investigating the lab. Of course, the cops will also be there to investigate the director’s death, so…

Moe discovers the elevator was called to the roof while the body was leaving the room

All of the volumes in her lab only go up to fifteen. She was there for fifteen years. “Everything becomes F”

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  1. Hmm… And to think I was looking forward to this episode. Thanks for the heads up. I’m gonna brace myself.

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