Media Commissions Update

Heyo again! I mentioned a week ago that I’d be working towards making communal commissions more convenient, and today I’ve got some ideas on that front. Instead of my book or questions, I’m adding the option to direct any Patreon donation of $5 or more towards writeups on any show/movie. I’ll also be adding a direct donation button for one-time donations that can work the same way (or be aimed at the old tiers, or just help me out in general). I’ll be needing to keep track of these communal show-lines, so I’ve created a page to track progress towards new writeups on anything people are interested in.

To keep it from looking lonely, I’ve, er, donated ten dollars to myself for three projects people have mentioned in the past – episodic writeups on Hyouka, Madoka, and Evangelion. But feel free to pick your own favorites – once anyone has donated towards something, I’ll post its progress up there ASAP, which will make it visible and more likely to get more support. And I’ve also added the ability to directly donate while avoiding Patreon, which will hopefully make things more convenient for everyone.

I also got questions about a few more types of commissionable work, so I’ll run those down as well. Having me proofread your own articles/criticism will likely run you about $45-75, depending the length of the piece. Manga writeups go for $120/volume (which generally run eight chapters). And writeups of visual novels totally depend on the length of the visual novel, but would be comparable to book reviews if they’re a comparable length.

I think that covers it! Let me know if you have any other questions, and thanks again for your support!

edit I’ve gotten a couple people who wanted to just donate in general, and didn’t care where I sent the support. This strikes me as a really good way to make sure shows actually get finished, so feel free to just make a general donation, and I’ll assign your support to a show that’s already being supported but could use a push. That’ll hopefully maximize the number of writeups I can put out, as well as ensure shows don’t just peter out halfway through!

10 thoughts on “Media Commissions Update

  1. Wow! Looks like things are gonna get busy in write-up land! It actually looks like you might have really found yourself a steady income, Nick-Senpai!

    I have got to get on to getting you my money, especially with Hyouka, Madoka and Wolf Children already on the way.

    It feels weird to say this, considering we’ve never met and don’t actually know each other, but I’ve been following your work (and your tweets) for a year now, and I feel weirdly proud seeing this happening.

    Good luck, Bobduh. That’s a lot of work coming your way.

    • Thank you! This is turning out way more successfully than I could have hoped so far. I’m definitely going to be pretty busy!

  2. If I find my hope for a write up of a show is a lost cause, can I ask you to divert that money to another popular show? For example, I just donated 10$ to Penguindrum, but there’s a chance that nobody else want to donate. Can I then choose another show that those 10$ will go to?

  3. Looks like a really sensible scheme, Nick. I like that it doesn’t have any ambiguity to it, which is great both for you and the supporters. Hope it works out well for you, you certainly deserve it.

    I’m laughably poor nowadays, but I’ll start my campaign for Honey & Clover as soon as I come across some easy money. Good luck.

  4. Huh I never thought of visual novels too. Ill have to keep that one in mind for the future. Would be interesting seeing you write up some classic VNs like Ever 17.

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