Beautiful Bones – Episode 7

On the back of last week’s startlingly not-entirely-tedious episode, this week’s Beautiful Bones returned to This Show is Dull as Heck territory, opening a new multi-episode mystery with a first episode that accomplished basically nothing. Well, Sakurako and Shoutarou are maybe having a small fight now, if you’re invested in either of those characters either separately or together. And apparently a former teacher kept some bones in a box. Those are the things that happened in this week’s episode. If you were wondering what’s going on with Beautiful Bones, that is what is up.

You can check out my full review of these thrilling events over at ANN, or my exhaustive notes on the proceedings below.

Beautiful Bones

“The Entrusted Bones, Part 1”

Another two-parter, apparently?

Sakurako comes to Shoutarou’s school festival

“You really look like her butler! It brings out your subservient side.” Lol Kougami

I kind of like a school festival where the actual school festival events are just a thing the protagonist is roped into and tries to avoid

Sakurako goes to inspect the school’s bones, and then they run into Isozaki-sensei

Sakurako being a little kid about getting cakes for helping to organize bones. This does humanize her, and also plays into the point I think Guy was making on twitter, about her simply being the classic loli detective in an adult’s body

The old teacher who put these bones together was Sasaki-sensei

Apparently Isozaki’s a plant specialist

Sakurako turned her old cat into a specimen

Shoutarou getting mad at Sakurako for not feeling correctly sentimental about her dead cat

And of course they find human bones

The bones belonged to a woman named Sone Natsuko, who used to take care of Sasaki’s sister

It’s the woman mentioned in his personal effects

So did Sakurako bring her own cat’s skull to school? Pretty cool

The door to Sakurako’s place is locked

Sakurako having a mysterious conversation with her uncle about an unsolved case