Beautiful Bones – Episode 8

I am incapable of expending any more energy writing about this incredibly, tediously mediocre show. Instead here is a gif of Mugi, who is much better than this boring anime.


Much better. If you’re still interested in Beautiful Bones for some reason, you can check out my writeup over on ANN or my notes below.

“Something told me that if I understood Sasaki-sensei better, I’d understand Sakurako better too”

“Even I make mistakes, sometimes”

they meet his sister, the woman in the wheelchair – Haruma Sayuki

Sakurako bonding with her over feet

Sone Natsuko is the woman whose bones they found

The sister thought they’d find a baby’s set of bones

Some nice shots in these memories

The child wasn’t Sasaki’s, and the incident created a rift between him, and Natsuko

Sakurako and Shoutarou hunting for the baby’s bones

Oh dang, the sister was actually the baby’s mother

Sakurako recognizes the toe bones on the baby

Natsuko took the fall to make life easy for the sister

“Sometimes there is more than one truth.” So Sasaki likely believed Natsuko was an illegitimate daughter of his own father, due to the celtic foot

Shoutarou pulls the truth of the cat bones together

Apparently she learned her skills from Sasaki-sensei

The cats died after being poisoned by someone