The Perfect Insider – Episode 9

The Perfect Insider had a fine episode this week, though not a spectacular one. Some of that admittedly comes down to storytelling preference – while I was all about the evocative flashbacks and nice character moments of the last two weeks, an episode wholly focused on mystery plot is almost guaranteed not to thrill me. But even though this mystery is completely ridiculous, this episode had solid pacing and enough coherent reveals to keep things interesting. Plus reviewing it gave me a chance to talk about mystery storytelling in general, which is always fun

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below!

The Perfect Insider

“Yellow Blind Spot”

A new person hops off the boat

The police have arrived

Moe negotiates with her uncle, the police chief, about what they’ll do about Magata’s death

So they tell the police everything

Oh, the new woman is Gido. Is she the one who challenged Moe at Souhei’s office?

“The two of us came here together.” Moe playing up her relationship with Souhei

Gido messing with Moe, saying Souhei uses her place

This one’s focusing on Moe’s romantic feelings, which aren’t the most interesting

Souhei wrote a script to see if there was video footage of the cameras missing. But the files were all there

“My hypothesis requires a way to get through that door, no matter what.” Souhei’s methods are reflecting his style of thinking as outlined last week – he finds the solution he wants to get through, and then charts a course there by filling in his assumptions with information

“Fifteen years ago, she was alone. But in that room there were two.” So was she pregnant?

Ah, that makes sense of all the toys and sewing tools

“Even when I lost my parents, I had you”

“Like me, she lost her parents, and she had the same type of person”

“You’re thinking the same thing, aren’t you?” “That’s not enough”

Those lines about Magata looking so long. Hrm

“Call me an idiot”

“It isn’t enough. It isn’t insulting enough!”

There’s a tape missing at noon that day

So the time in the lab was delayed by a minute, meaning the old file was erased

Tracking down the internal program that prompted the escape

Moe does her genius mathematician thing

“I’ll explain it in front of the killer right now”

And he calls up Magata within the system. hahaha