Owarimonogatari – Episode 10

This was a reasonable episode of Owarimonogatari, notable mostly in that it succeeded in a way I think Monogatari rarely does – it went heavy on the pervert banter, and was actually really successfully funny for it. I think a lot of this came down to the fact that Araragi and Kanbaru’s relationship is a really solid one in spite of their perversions; they’re very comfortable with each other, and so there’s less of the gropiness and more trading barbs back and forth. But that wouldn’t work if the gags weren’t just inherently funny, and many of the individual lines this week were excellent. Or maybe I’m just always up for more jokes at light novels’ expense, who knows.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below.


From fifteen years ago onward, their town has become a hub of supernatural activity

“Basically, all the apparitions you’ve seen are all your fault. You can’t evade responsibility”

Shinobu’s presence is for sure because of that ash

Shinobu doesn’t like the idea of having been guided here

And Araragi doesn’t like this convergence either. The samurai represents a gulf between him and Shinobu, and neither like it

Gaen keeps trying to nurture Kanbaru’s talents

Fifteen years ago, the shrine was in good repair

Meme works in gathering stories of past apparitions. Gaen works to prevent future ones

Ah, the god/talisman of the shrine expired fifteen years ago

And the shrine acted as a convergence point, bringing him back together

It’s Shinobu’s presence that propelled him to regain his form

Gaen’s taking this situation very seriously, and calling in another assistant

“Don’t be distressed. Right now, you’re the only one for me.” Lol Shinobu

“Don’t show worthless envy. Leave it at a cute level of jealousy”

“I request donuts.” hahaha

“Do you think I’m one of those people who treats light novels like degenerate art or something?”

Oh my god, this discussion of light novel BL titles

“This one, the 21st book in the series, is especially highly anticipated by the experts”

hahaha this Crying Freeman face about BL

“The times are the times” about Araragi maybe having a lolita complex. Araragi’s being genuinely funny this episode

Aw dang, he runs into the samurai in human form

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  1. Did you notice that both of the magazines he bought at the end had Gaen Izuko on the cover? Absolutely made the joke in my opinion.

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