Beautiful Bones – Episode 11

Just let this show end. Let it end. Let it die. Set me free.

Here is my writeup.

Here are some pictures of Hector. Hector is good. This show is bad.

Beautiful Bones

Beautiful Bones

Beautiful Bones

Beautiful Bones

Flashback to the three girls sharing a birthday party four years ago

The girl decides to help them

Hector is fluffy

They find Hitoe

Very nice backgrounds in the house

Minami’s the other girl, the one they took in

“If you felt bad enough to die, why didn’t you talk to me?”

Now Sakurako terrorizes the children by showing them their friend’s bones

Yep, it’s Futaba’s body

“Which one of you killed Futaba?” “Futaba committed suicide!”

I like that the show is directly engaging with ugly elements of adolescence. Hitoe’s home problems, Futaba cutting her wrists

Ideas of home

“For the first time, we felt the world was beautiful”

“Let’s die now, while we’re still happy”

So Minami ran, scared by the others

And Futaba really went through with it

So the two of them covered up the body, and that was the end of their friendship

“This body didn’t die from hanging. It was strangled”

Aw dang, Hitoe did it

Big crazy moment

Futaba did want to die, and Hitoe was scared

Futaba’s skull is also missing the butterfly

The “Sphenoider,” the guy who steals the sphenoid bones

Apparently Sakurako’s uncle had handled his case

“Hanabusa is an angel”

“When I had nowhere to go and was all alone, he saved me”

Man, Sakurako’s being even more of a jerk than usual this episode

Aw dang, Sakurako gets stabbed. Well, she kinda had it coming

Woop, nope, Shoutarou takes the fall

Again, it’s also nice how this show presents these girls becoming open for abusive relationships

And Sakurako breaks off the relationship to protect him. THE CLASSIC

It’s as silly as these bits always are