Winter 2016 – First Impressions, Part One

A new season has begun, and I’m already well into the friggin’ preview guide. I mentioned back in my initial season preview that this looked to be a particularly dire season, and the shows so far have unfortunately born that out even more emphatically than I’d assumed. That list of shows only had eight new entries in the first place, and of those eight, two have turned out strong so far, three have disappointed me, one hasn’t been picked up for streaming yet, and one likely isn’t even airing this season. It’s a hard time for all of us, but as long as backlogs exist, I should be the only person who actually has to suffer. There have been a couple strong premieres so far, and there’s always the chance one of the season’s wildcards will impress, so there’s no reason to give up hope yet. Let’s keep the anime faith alive!


You can check out the full list of shows covered so far over at ANN, or check below for my list of scores and links to individual reviews. LET’S GET TO IT.

ERASED – 5/5

Active Raid – 4/5

Prince of Stride Alternative – 3/5

Girls Beyond the Wasteland – 2.5/5

Haruchika – 2/5

Norn9 – 2/5

Myriad Colors Phantom World – 1.5/5

8 thoughts on “Winter 2016 – First Impressions, Part One

  1. You know what’s funny. Yamada didn’t direct Euphonium. It was directed by your friend Ishihara. lol

    You shouldn’t underestimate the man. He’s as much a genius as Yamada. It just takes the right work to see his talent.

  2. I blame the source material for Phantom World, more than anything. It’s pretty much polished refuse at the moment, but I couldn’t help but smile at just how silly it was. Then I remembered this was KyoAni we’re talking about, and the sorrow kicked in. This shouldn’t be how I should be viewing shows.

  3. I agree with Erased- I have a feeling it is going to get really good. I also agree with your thoughts on Prince of Stride and Norn9. On the other hand I would have given Active Raid a 2/5, Myriad Colors a 2.5/5, and HaruChika a 3/5. That’s all my opinion thought.

    I feel like the main character in Active Raid (scar guy) was not cast very well and he kind of sounds lime a justice-loving high school (or even middle school) boy.

  4. Yay, someone else who doesn’t hate Active Raid!

    I don’t quite get why some people overeact so much to it.

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