Dagashi Kashi – Episode 5

Dagashi Kashi was generally enjoyable again this week, if not so consistently funny that it actually felt shorter than twenty minutes like last week’s. I frankly kind of expected the show to peter out in the style of the third episode, and rely on a bunch of unfunny repetitions of the same one or two ideas – but the show is both varying its style of humor and actually making its characters more likable by the episode. Both Kokonotsu and Hotaru have exceeded my expectations as characters, with Kokonotsu in particular going far and above the general “straight man MC” template I’d pinned him for. The show is warm and funny and easy to watch – it’s not great television, but it’s never something I feel bad about watching.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my episode notes below!

Dagashi Kashi

Opening with a dagashi handoff framed like a drug deal. Nice gag

Great alternate-style shots of the dad. And then we see he’s wearing a headlamp, perfect

They’re both addicted to bottle ramune. Don’t they know the first rule? Don’t get high on your own supply!

“The effect is wearing off.” “Inject it all in one shot!” It’s actually kinda surprising to see an anime go this hard on a drug metaphor, considering how uptight Japan is about drugs

“Yeah, you choke on it the first time. I know.” DANG

“Your body will get accustomed to it as you continue to use it”

They can only talk about it in junky terms

Once again, Hotaru having someone to play along with (Yo-san) makes her bits a lot better

Oh my god, he has a food-eating youtube channel

Goddamnit, Yo’s wounded face is so good

He is so very bad at this. And in a very relatable way, too – just overenthusiastic about everything, coming off as both artificial and unprofessional

Kokonotsu getting really into his criticism of Yo’s channel, and demonstrating he’s actually very knowledgeable about and interested in dagashi as well

And Kokonotsu getting into it actually makes for a very popular video

Yatta Men, a dagashi that has a cash voucher prize

The kids talking about various ways you can tell which one is a winner. This kind of rumor talk is pretty classic idle teen conversation material

“I’ve never gotten a winning dagashi in my life”

Sour Grape, which actually sounds like a great snack idea

Hotaru and the grapes staring at each other is pretty great