Active Raid – Episode 7

Well, that was fast. After an unlikely episode that demonstrated Active Raid at its absolute best, we were back to the scrapheap this week, as the show rambled through what was almost certainly its worst episode so far. This episode was bad enough that I’m still not quite sure if it was intentionally bad – if the show has somehow realized its episodic drama could not be more emotionally or dramatically hollow, and is thus leaning into that in the most ridiculous way possible. But there were plenty of scenes here that basically had no purpose if you assume the show was trying to be funny, so no, this was just a really supremely terrible episode of anime.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below!

Active Raid

“Long Rail Life”

an episode about trains. And the blue-haired girl seems to be a fan of them

Naganuma, a politician with the “Peace Party” who also likes trains

Terao Kazuyoshi, another politician, the current governor

The prefecture refuses to okay their handling of a loose Willwear

The perp wants to punish the governor

“First corruption charges kill his popularity, now this”

So he was using overseas arms…. stuff?

This situation actually favors the current governor. He can ham it up and make his opponent look bad

The perpetrator doesn’t really want to be doing this

Haruka is the blue-haired girl who loves trains. Her moment to shine

the Fruit of Tragedy, a terrorist attack from ten years back

“I’m furious that I had to cancel my tour!”

The governor has not given permission. He’s actually stopping them from stopping the perpetrator, in order to make himself look better

He uses the crisis to debut the anti-terrorism weapon he had personally developed

“He interfered with our work to regain his approval ratings”


There’s a father with a young daugher in all of the train dioramas Haruka is looking at

Unit 8 turns the situation around

“I guess politicians have to be this shameless to succeed”

Haruka launches!

Haruka’s train mastery gives them power over the rails

Kobari made the dioramas

“You love trains!” This is a very silly episode

Kobari was going to get an organ transplant for his daughter, but the condition was that he only speak of this as revenge against the governor

17:30 also works

More train memories. This is a very silly episode. “Aren’t those trains just like you and your daughter!?”

You must travel together on that long rail line known as life!

18:33 also has him staring at the trains

And the Logos dude makes him self-destruct

“Do you think you can trace that program to the source?” “I wish I had investigative authority”

Naganuma Daiza was found dead. Jeez

Apparently he committed suicide after feeling responsible for Kobari’s actions

2 thoughts on “Active Raid – Episode 7

  1. I won’t repeat my previous arguments about how and why my general outlook towards the show radically differs from yours, which informs and affects my opinion of the latest episode too, but here’s an interesting pattern:

    The odd numbered episodes (1,3,5,7) seem to be trying to be more over-the-top and ridiculous than the even ones (2,4,6), which are more or less straightforward in comparison.

    That said, I recall how you didn’t like episode 4 either, but it seems you’re apparently the odd one out in that regard.

    And yet, ironically enough, I think this week was better than 5. It was far more entertaining for my money.

  2. You may be interested in here. I once knew a high school student who was an onkyou-tetsu and trust me, this episode is understated if anything. His reward from his parents for acing his entrance exam was a Tetsuko no Tabi-style recording trip along the old lines of Nagano-ken, which was literally the most exciting thing in the world for him.

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