Dagashi Kashi – Episode 6

Dagashi Kashi continued on its merry way this week, pulling off another episode that was far from laugh-out-loud funny, but also plenty endearing regardless. I like this cast, it’s nice spending time with them, that’s pretty much all I need from this show. I’m glad the show generally sticks to jokes that actually respect each of them as people, and I think its way of weaving small bits of characterization into larger comic bits is actually pretty graceful. It’s an easy show to watch, and that’s pretty much all I ask of it.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my episode notes below!

Dagashi Kashi

Hotaru invites them to the temple, performs a weird candy dance, and then says “what a coincidence to see you here. I guess you wanted to know what I was doing?” It’s a very Hotaru move, and reflects what makes her endearing – she’s very awkward, but wants company and attention, so she does stuff like this

Hotaru was making a dance of appreciation to the god of dagashi, of course

No one is particularly impressed

Maken Gumi, which you can play rocks-paper-scissors with

And To-kun gets on Hotaru’s wavelength

Or he doesn’t, and uses the Maken Gumi for skirt flipping. Ah well

Super Himo Q

Hotaru compliments Saya on her twintails, which is nice

Lots of little fantasy shots of young Hotaru playing with dagashi, which is pretty endearing

Saya figures out cat’s cradle tricks to do with it, which is pretty Saya

Kokonotsu rescues the Himo Q

Ohajiki, a dagashi toy

It’s basically a kind of marbles

Discussing how the game is kinda cruel to people who are bad at it. And Hotaru, as usual, is bad

Explaining the rules, and Saya picks it up quickly once again

Hotaru immediately breaks her mega-ohajiki

Hotaru asks Saya if she’d want to work at the shop, and Saya actually finds herself thinking about it afterwards

Saya thinking back on a memory of her and Kokonotsu, where he was geeking out about yoguret, another dagashi

Kokonotsu is super excited about a healthy dagashi. He’s basically acting like Hotaru currently does

“Good observation, Saya!” Even his conversational mannerisms mirror Hotaru’s when he’s excited about dagashi

“It’s not that I wanna play doctor, but if you insist on playing it…” dang, young Saya is thirsty

Saya keeps trying to get him to play “doctor,” and he just keeps playing it straight. Sorry, Saya

Oh my god, this transition back to current Saya being so embarrassed

“So Kokonotsu remembers it too”

One thought on “Dagashi Kashi – Episode 6

  1. This is embarrassing to admit, but after asking you about whether or not I should watch Grimgar, I ended up watching this show. Haha.

    It’s great. Very silly and not all too funny, but it works on a level of endearment, like you said. I also like how Hotaru’s eccentricity is expressed even in her clothing. Gothic loli is a dull way to go about it, but she’s never worn the same thing for the past 6 episodes, believe it or not.

    Anyway, I’ll be sure to continue watching this. I’ll pick up Grimgar shortly thereafter, haha.

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