Active Raid – Episode 9

And Active Raid gets another notch in the Good column. The show’s actually developing a pretty good ratio at this point – there have certainly been some weaker episodes, but the greater majority have been solid ranging to excellent, and it seems like the show will actually be pulling together well. It’s still “just” a procedural police drama for the most part, and lacks the vivid strengths in character, themes, or aesthetics that might make it truly shine, but it’s a competent and often very engaging slice of what it is. Not every show needs to set the world on fire.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below!

Active Raid

“In the Name of Logos”

A WillWear robbing a bank

“Dog,” one of the Logos subordinates, seems to be going rogue

The WillWear was originally used for fishing

That’s why it creates holographic fish as bait

He’s called the “Fisherman”

“Logos is not an organization. It’s a bunch of loosely linked individuals moving in the same direction”

Mythos is the main guy, Bird’s the other one

Dog is not impressed with Logos’ games

And so Mythos and Bird eliminate him

Or not. He actually gets away, and I’m sure he now has a grudge

Rin’s friend in the government is showing her a file with evidence of the governor’s corruption

Ah, the governor’s using Logos to crush his political opponents. Or at least his aid is

And so in order to get that data from her, Dog agrees to get the file back

Inagi is Rin’s friend

The difference between the available methods of Unit 8 and everyone else is pretty aggravating

And Dog immediately starts picking up girls

Dog really is a kid

“Is it an SOS? Or… she might just be stupid.”

Rin goes out herself!

“Everyone’s trying to make a fool of me!”

Rin’s WillWear is kickass

So Naganuma was their communal teacher