Dagashi Kashi – Episode 8

This week’s Dagashi Kashi was another episode of Dagashi Kashi. The first half here was actually one of the show’s most endearing segments, as the gang got together to hang out and tell ghost stories while a typhoon raged overhead. It was nice to see how the overall group dynamic has settled at this point, as all four of the friends seem very comfortable with each other, and all contribute something different to the group. Based on the show’s advertising, I’d expected Hotaru to be more of a comic device/unreachable love interest than just another slightly weird main character, but the show is much stronger for the choices it’s made. The second half here was weaker, but Dagashi Kashi is still a fine time.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below!

Dagashi Kashi

There’s a typhoon on, so the gang is stuck inside with the lights off, telling ghost stories by candelight

Kokonotsu is not impressed with To’s fairly underwhelming ghost story

Apparently these stories come from a kind of dagashi gum that includes horror stories, so Hotaru’s able to finish the story for Saya

Kokonotsu continually questioning the logic and storytelling of these scary stories

Kokonotsu and Hotaru bonding over being pedantic about horror storytelling is pretty cute

As is Saya being unintentionally bullied by Hotaru rattling off all these horror scenarios

Hotaru “reveals” that all the stories are made up by company employees, Saya rightly says that knowing they’re fiction doesn’t make them less scary

To attesting that Kendama (that ball-string-cup game) is popular on the streets

Kokonotsu disagrees, and then To just buys two of them to prove his point. Classic boy/To behavior

This extended shot of Kokonotsu getting frustrated with the toy is nicely naturalistic

And of course To actually got this idea from a youtube video

Saya is obviously really good at it

The jokes about To wasting money aren’t funny at all

To and Kokonotsu talking about becoming popular and understanding a girl’s mind. Pretty classic boy stuff

The shots of To as a toast-chewing high school girl are pretty silly

And Hotaru is the boy she runs into. This unexplained nonsense fantasy is better for not being questioned or explained

Kokonotsu getting carried along with To’s enthusiasm is a nice reflection of his general personality