Rokka, Episodes 5-8 – Review

The second collection of Rokka has come in, and fortunately, this set of episodes turned out to be far superior to the first. Having the first four episodes of your show be a boring feint in a genre you’re not particularly good at seems like a weird choice, but now that I’ve actually passed the early episode doldrums, it turns out Rokka is actually a perfectly entertaining mystery/action thing. Its character writing may not be great, but that doesn’t matter when all the characters are doing is tossing theories about traitors back and forth. And the cast is diverse enough in their motives and personalities to make this an engaging whodunit adventure. I’ve heard awkward things about the show’s final act, but this middle segment was plenty of fun.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my episode notes below!


Episode 5

Alright, so everyone’s trapped in the meeting place

Seven people, six crests

A new OP

Fun action sequences here of the whole group fighting each other

Trying to find a way out of their trap, but it somehow circles in on itself. The barrier, a very neat trick

Hans hides his past, Flamie’s been chained up

The barrier can be disabled if the person who activated it either deactivates it or dies. Very strong setup for this set of accusations

Chamot’s the kid

Another one of these ambitious spinning shots, this one pulling back across the entire party as it turns about the room. It works quite well – the actual shifting character animation is strong, and the room is simple and dark enough that the CG doesn’t look disruptive

A very active camera in general

“Nyow I’m even more interested”

They all explain their backstories

Maura Chester, the Saint of Mountains

She’s from the temple that supervises the Saints

They keep baiting the strength of Chamot

Hans is an assassin

Another big spinning shot as Hans explains negotiating for money. I’m not sure these shots add all that much, but the show is doing its best to liven up a lot of talking

Hans talks like a cat because his combat style is based on cats. And he has a tail, lol

Flamie was born of a fiend and a human. She has a horn

She was created to be a pawn to fight the Braves

She was raised by fiends

“From my perspective, you’re simply another suspect”

Chamot’s the crazy kid character

Hans makes the excellent point that she should have killed Adlet before she arrived if Flamie were the seventh brave, to make this whole situation much less suspicious. Though of course there is the counterpoint that Flamie likely learned other braves knew about Adlet before she had a chance to kill him

This episode’s actually quite entertaining! The case is being examined in a compelling way

More using the CG backgrounds to create dynamic shots

Hans nails Adlet. “Before you opened the door, entering the temple was impossible”

Hans points out it’s a locked room

Episode 6

“A Trap and a Rout”

The seal applies to the entire building, of course. So Adlet must have been the first to enter

Adlet continues to spin out theories to try and clear his name. It just gets worse for him

Nachetanya is trying to defend him, but her help is just “he didn’t do it!”

Flamie says “do what you all like”

Adlet takes Flamie as a hostage and runs

Nice intimate scene of Adlet trying to set up his defenses as he falls to pieces

Apparently the crests show if a Brave has died. One of the petals disappears

Nachetanya’s already the most suspicious from a storytelling perspective

Adlet flashback time

Young Adlet had no interest in fighting

And then we see his meeting with his master, immediately. A nice transition, actually

“Why did I survive? If I can’t fight the fiends, I don’t deserve to be alive.”

“If you want to be strong, smile!”

“Laugh at despair!” And he gets up

Flamie patched him up, because she’s not entirely sure he’s the seventh

Nice setting here

Flamie is cold, which is understandable, because she doesn’t have real clothes

The two discuss possible ways Adlet could have been set up

Adlet thinks there’s another collaborator, the “eighth,” who sealed the temple after it was entered

Adlet’s “strength” is smiling in the face of despair

“Delusion.” “No! Willpower!”

“If you can’t smile anymore, it’s over.”

And Flamie finally asks him why he wanted to be a Brave

Episode 7

Very nice colors here. The glow of the fire, the green light of the fireflies

“You’re just an average man with a lot of unusual weapons.”

She wonders how someone like that could become so strong

Adlet’s training included making weapons and other applications of science

It’s a surprisingly frank and believable conversation between these two

When he was a kid, a single fiend came to his village

God, the CG fiends look pretty awkward

The fiend can speak!

He speaks to the leader of the village, who declares the village will move to the land of the demon king

That fiend was the one who came up with the idea of creating Flamie

“My best friend died protecting me. My brother died so I could escape.”

“My master said it was because of them that I could become strong.”

“A man doesn’t become strong for revenge. He becomes strong because he believes in something”

Flamie’s sad-sack story

Her mother tried to kill her when she failed to kill Chamot

“My mom… she pretended to love me”


“I had a dog. I wonder what it’s doing now.” The ultimate Flamie line

“You don’t suspect me. That’s more than enough reason for me to suspect you.”

“Don’t get the wrong idea. I haven’t fallen in love with you or anything!” Friggin’ Adlet

Flamie gives him a signal to call her by

“I became strong so that I wouldn’t lose anything ever again.”

The group splits into pairs to hunt Adlet

But Chamot just wants to go play

Hans wonders if Flamie could kill her mother

Nachetanya says she’s going to work to prove Adlet isn’t the seventh

Adlet realizes that if they’re in pairs, the seventh could kill whoever they’re with

Lots of interested dramatic shifts based on the varying positions of the characters

Nice fight between Hans and Adlet to end this one

Episode 8

“An average man can’t surpass a genius.” We’re finally getting more of Adlet’s scrappy fighting techniques against a real warrior

And this overall fight is great. Great momentum, very parsable

“I kill, but I don’t lie. Lying is wrong”

He’s intentionally making Hans suspicious

Great trick by Adlet. He sets up a situation where Hans knows he would have won, and deliberately loses, to prove that he’s not the seventh

“If I were the seventh, trying to kill you would be safer than missing you”

“If Hans is the seventh, I’m doomed”

And Hans makes him truly prove it, by claiming to be the seventh himself

Maura and Flamie have a chat

A bunch of scenes dedicated to make one or the other characters seem more suspicious

Good conversations between various pairs here

Chamot’s just gonna kill everyone to find the killer

Chamot has awkward CG monsters