Active Raid – Episode 10

Active Raid had a uniquely disappointing episode this week, and that was pretty much the only unique thing about it. This was basically the platonic ideal of “phoning it in” – there was no personality or creativity in any element of this episode’s construction, it was just one hundred percent an episode designed to get the characters from one narrative point to a different one. I’m a character person, so I don’t generally watch the kinds of shows that traffic in nothing plot beats like this, so I guess that at least made it a somewhat novel experience for me? Crap episode, though. Real bad.

You can check my full thoughts on The Nothing over at ANN, or my notes below!

Active Raid

Ominous memories of Mythos

Oh right, Rin’s sister’s classmate is part of Logos

He’s Bird

The password at the entrance is “Zion”

“So we can become conquerors”

Unit 8 connects Logo to the airplane incident

And Rin’s actually made sure they can continue their investigation

Tomoki is the student’s actual name. He confesses to Rin’s sister, and then turns himself in, apparently

Hinata is the sister’s name

“Goodbye, fake Emily.” So that little girl was a holographic copy of… his dead sister, I’d guess?

“Unit 8 has been disbanded”

The USDF has been monitoring Unit 8 through Asami’s devices

“I didn’t hate this job. I could feel I was keeping people safe.”

This is actually a nicely grounded disbanding

Kuroki randomly runs into Mythos at a closed bath

There’s no actual tension, though. It’s really weird

Aw dang, they’re taking control of Orochi, the government control system