Dagashi Kashi – Episode 10

Dagashi Kashi pulled off a strong episode this week, sticking largely to its slice of life comfort zone while also peppering its one core concept with lots of nice incidental gags. There were good Hotaru faces and nice interactions between the friends and plenty of dagashi shenanigans to be had. Dagashi Kashi doesn’t have to be flashy to succeed, and when it does work, it’s a very likable show. It’s not going to win any awards or break any hearts, but it’s a fun series that I’ve enjoyed my time with.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below!

Dagashi Kashi

Opens with some lovely quiet night shots and To getting a drink

Hotaru appears and asks for To’s help

And then we cut to Kokonotsu, worried because she hasn’t stopped by for two days. So he and Saya head off to her glamorous mansion

Kokonotsu freaking out about them potentially buying the whole town is a nice gag. Undersold, so stronger

A classic slice of life scenario – the friend has a cold, so you go visit and get to see their house

“Hotaru’s acting more incomprehensible than ever.” “But in a sense, this is no different from usual”

Hotaru refuses dagashi!

They really drag this out, but eh, w/e

Kokonotsu attempting to pull her back to her usual self

Hotaru’s over-the-top behavior is the best bit here

Smoking her out of her blanket fort with the curry powder smell, lol

Saya finally just asks her what’s wrong

The mouth ulcer has gotten much worse

Instead of just not eating dagashi, she eats a dagashi to tell her fortune and hopes that the fortune predicts the ulcer will go way. Of course

She gets a double circle for “going out” and so just runs around the town all day

To gives her the advice she needs – hold off on eating the dang dagashi