Konosuba – Review

Aw dang yep I reviewed Konosuba. It was actually kinda tricky to sort out all of my feelings on this show – from its style of comedy to its visual design, the show is a bunch of contradictions all around. It’s very far from a great show, but it’s an interesting one to talk about, and kinda naturally divisive in a variety of ways. You could definitely put forth an argument that someone who finds Kazuma deeply disagreeable is probably too far from this show’s intended audience to give it the “right” kind of review, but at that point you’re already in nonsense true fan discourse land. Reviewing a show means engaging with its politics, and if you disagree with a show’s politics, the correct response as a critic isn’t to pretend that you don’t. Just gotta say your piece and hope that your perspective is at least understandable.

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One thought on “Konosuba – Review

  1. Could you elaborate on what you found disagreeable with Kazuma? He consistently needs to make up for his companions being incompetent but is, at the end of the day, always willing to help them out. You say he’s mean-spirited, but some of the actions that his friends take are pretty excessive and what I would consider stepping out of bounds so his backlashes are pretty reasonable as a means to vent.

    As for the repetitiveness, I wholeheartedly agree. The same joke can only be used so many times before you need to put a new spin on it, or progress the character and story enough so that it’s just a mere reference or throwback rather than the main event.

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