Dagashi Kashi – Episode 12

Dagashi Kashi concludes with one more in a long series of pleasant but not particularly noteworthy slice of life vignettes, offering about as little of a real conclusion as you’d expect from a show about wasting time on summer break. There were some cute character moments here and there, some light sprinklings of fanservice, and a few final explanations of dagashi trivia to see us out. I suppose Dagashi Kashi ended up occupying my “pleasant fluff” slot this season, and as far as pleasant fluff goes, it did its job perfectly well. I liked the atmosphere this show created, and had a pretty good time throughout.

You can check out my last review over at ANN, or my very minor notes below!

Dagashi Kashi

“Don’t you sometimes want to be popular among girls?”

“Don’t you wanna know what love tastes like?”

To and Kokonotsu hanging out is pretty cute

This episode sure has energetic direction

Fretting about becoming popular

Nice tonal shifts throughout this conversation with Saya and Hotaru

Saya feeling insecure about her feelings

Saya seeing bondage fantasies now. Calm down, Saya

Kokonotsu legitimately considering Hotaru’s request

The whole group discussing Hotaru’s feelings

Kokonotsu discussing the history of Milk Caramel

And Hotaru is pleased with his history offering

Chasing Hotaru in the rain!

Waiting out the rain at the bus stop

“If I really want to leave on a trip, I can do it whenever”