Kiznaiver – Episodes 1-2

And continuing this season’s new contenders, we have Kiznaiver, a show that I really, really want to believe can triumph over my serious misgivings. I hate to make another writeup even partially about Okada specifically, but hey, I’m writing up two of her shows and she has an extremely distinctive style. In Kiznaiver’s case, that leaves me worried, because I feel like this could turn out exactly like A Lull in the Sea – great premise, nice setup, and then a bunch of rambling in emotional circles. Hopefully this story has other places to go, because I certainly like the platform they’ve set up here.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my episode two notes below!


The town mayor’s on board, and the Kizuma project group are heading into their first mission

The teacher and school counselor are also on board

The character designs remain great

The mark of the Kiznaivers look like the scars of a cutter

“Are these exterior things enough to explain who you are?”

“What’s the word that best describes you?”

The electricity is a good gag

Flat chest joke. Thanks, Okada

So they need to either find the answer or save Agata

Great Nico face. She seems to be smarter than she looks

There’s a great offhand sense of humor in the show

Crazy friggin’ dobermans attack!

“I’ve never been this close to someone except when I was getting beaten up”

The thing that’s most difficult to say

Still lots of compelling shots

Nico admits she’s just faking her eccentricity

So they all have to admit their most embarrassing secret

“There are times when you don’t notice even the thing closest to you”

“I’m indifferent when it comes to connection with others, because I’m not interested in myself”

Her tears falling on him