The Lost Village – Episodes 1-3

And so my spring writeups begin, starting with what is almost certainly the season’s weirdest production. Three episodes in, it’s still pretty tough to tell if The Lost Village is intentionally bad, accidentally bad, or some mix of the two, and even harder to say if the show’s going to end up being a great time or just a total mess. So far my curiosity is greater than my suspicion, but we’ll have to see how it goes when things get intentionally crazy. I feel like the main characters I’m invested in here are more Mizushima and Okada than any of The Lost Village’s internal inhuman caricatures, but hey, that can be fun too.

You can check out my very puzzled review over at ANN, or my episode three notes below!

The Lost Village

Everyone is unlikable, and nobody speaks or even thinks like an actual human being. Like that “maybe they were all singled out for execution until no one was left” line

“Given the situation, we should avoid downplaying this.” What???

Bloody claw marks!

And they just hear bear noises. It seems like they’re intentionally going for a low-budget horror movie style

But things are actually moving now, which is definitely the most important thing

Okada shows can sometimes unintentionally become what this seems to be intentionally going for

Shots linger too long on weird pauses, or don’t seem to care about conveying emotional information at all

Lovepon is so damn crazy

Masaki is the main girl

“Let’s start a new life. P.S. New life comes with bears.” Amazing

Talking about traitors already

Valkana’s the angry guy, Yottsun’s the missing one

Arguing about what rock-paper-scissors style they’ll use

“It’s as though people were living here until just yesterday”

Jack attacks! Randomly

They’re trying to set up a Lord of the Flies-style situation, but since everyone starts out crazy, it’s a little ridiculous

Jack apparently stabbed someone back in the real world


They shut him in the village’s built-in prison chamber. Lol

“I’m never going to take the fall for someone else”

Lovepon is totally, completely bonkers

3 thoughts on “The Lost Village – Episodes 1-3

  1. I am moderately sure that the bizarre scene with the fixed camera where Yottsun see’s “something”, disappears into the woods, followed by Masaki performing a similar action, is supposed to represent Masaki being an unreliable narrator. Because she probably killed the guy.

  2. Outside of the fact that you’re reviewing it for ANN, would you legitimately consider pursuing this title? I commend you for trying to be as neutral as possible in your article, but you have to admit that it IS difficult to not find this entire show utterly ridiculous.

    • Not sure. I was laughing through episode three, but I could see this show’s silly appeal getting stale over time. I’d probably still be giving it the benefit of the doubt through this point, at least.

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