The Lost Village – Episode 4

This week’s Lost Village initiated what I hope will be a consistent trend, where the more the show leans into its actual horror plot, the less it feels like a show that shouldn’t possibly exist. The Lost Village has an absolutely ridiculous cast and ludicrous dialogue, but when those characters are being forced to react to monsters and killers appearing in cracks of thunder and stuff like that, they react pretty much the same way anyone else would. So I guess as long as this cast keeps being continuously attacked and terrified, The Lost Village will continue to be able to pretend it is actually a real show.

You can check out my full writeup over at ANN, or my episode notes below!

The Lost Village

Looking for the dude’s body, everyone just kinda ignoring the fact that Lovepon tried to strangle a guy

Bear noises!

The gun nuts bonding over guns

“It sounded more like a sea lion than a bear”

Oh my god, it’s so annoying whenever any of the gimmick characters talk. Oh wait they’re all gimmick characters nooo

Discussing how to handle the animal, how they should proceed

Masaki has a feeling they shouldn’t leave the mountain

Mikage wants to leave, which is understandable. They have no real plan for dealing with the bear

Mitsumune wants to stay and find Yottsun

Most of the group prepares to leak

Mikage and Valkana discussing who may be the killer

Things are actually moving faster now, which gives the show more appeal. Still could stand to be even faster

Jack has escaped

And somehow, the exodus party ends up walking in circles. This thread is exciting

Jack appears in the storm!

“This cliff wasn’t on the map!”

The bus driver runs into a strange little girl who disappears

“It’s there! A giant Mitsumune!” Uh. What

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  1. I feel like this show is going to go the direction of The Cabin in the Woods, or at least that’s what it’s aiming for.

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