Flying Witch – Episode 4

Flying Witch introduced another new character this week – Inukai, the young witch with the supreme misfortune of being Akane’s drinking buddy. Her story was funny and endearing all the way through, making for another fine installment in what may well be this season’s most consistent show. It’s solid source material being adapted with level professionalism in a genre that doesn’t really need to take huge structural risks – it’s enjoyable to watch and enjoyable to write about, a fine time all around.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below.

Flying Witch

Gorgeous backgrounds in this opening scene. Blooming cherry blossoms. We’re slowly getting the approach of spring, one episode at a time

And so many nice establishing shots

Solidly naturalistic conversations

So they’re going to the cherry blossom festival

Chinatsu understands the fundamentals of getting the right food even if you’re full

Chinatsu hits that good childhood mix of confidence and curiosity

Kei just looks down the whole time they’re in the haunted maze

Chinatsu bugging the insecure fortune teller lady. Some people are pretty bad with kids

Akane turned this witch into a fox lady

Inukai is her name

Akane got really drunk and made her eat an experimental chocolate. A likely story

Chinatsu can’t help fiddling with her ears

“I’ve heard that old people aren’t easily surprised.” Oh Chinatsu

Makoto using her as a test subject

I love Makoto’s little portable cauldron

“I think it got worse.” Hahaha

Just one of those nights where you get really drunk and turn into a dog

4 thoughts on “Flying Witch – Episode 4

  1. Really liked your review, but I would like to know why not higher? I am know that I am biased, since this is my favorite anime of season, or favorite of more than last few seasons.

  2. Some of the jokes really highlighted how this show’s subtle approach to comedy works. In particular, I feel like most anime comedies would have grossly oversold the “Inukai turns completely into a dog” joke, but Flying Witch restricts it to a great 20 second gag with a dog reaction face and a simple one-off line from Chinatsu.

    • Yeah, I could easily see a worse comedy getting very loud in Inukai’s response to being turned into a dog. Fortunately, this show understands the value of restraint.

  3. “It hits its beats consistently, leans heavily on the strong central relationships, and never lets a joke outstay its welcome.”

    Nailed it right there. It’s like how Kei was silently laughing after Makoto’s failed magic experiment made things worse. And I also like how the show actually avoided showing Inukai’s real face until the end. There’s that sense of making the normal more magical than it actually is, and actually seeing her face at the end made her seem all the more beautiful as a person.

    A lot of things in this show are understated, but it never fails to be simply magical. A lovely show indeed.

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