The Lost Village – Episode 6

The Lost Village got as weird as it’s ever been this week, introducing giant boobs and evil trains and all manner of horrible subconscious monsters. But through all the chaos and madness, Lovepon stayed strong. Her childhood may have been rough and her future may look bleak, but Lovepon will hold on to her love of executions through it all. Executions have never steered her wrong before now, and even through this trial, executions brought her safely through. Hold close to what you believe in, Lovepon. All of us believe in you.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below!

The Lost Village

A giant penguin thing that apparently looks like Tokimune to Mitsumune

The direction of this fire scene is once again staged to give us very little information, like a student film. It just demolishes the tension

Oh no, Lovepon’s in danger

The zoom in on this one tree, lol

Great sound design, though


And all the characters see what they fear the most, or something

Oh no, now Nyanta is afraid of a tree as well!

Scary bullshit everywhere

Nyanta got bullied into shoplifting, until she found GUN

The music for this sequence is so silly

Lovepon just really loves to execute, all her life

A giant… boob-snail?

He had silicone implanted in his head to hit the height requirement for the military

HAhaha, Koharun just running the hell around the tour guide to get to Valkana