The Lost Village – Episode 7

The Lost Village was in peak form this week, pulling off an episode that was both consistently hilarious and also legitimately exciting. With the plot kicking into high gear, Mizushima’s strengths as a director were at their most prominent here, as he abandoned the bizarre framing affectation of the earlier debates in order to make Masaki’s near-execution an actually thrilling spectacle. And there were so many wonderful non-sequiturs scattered throughout this episode that it felt almost like this show was intentionally designed to inspire bad tweets. The Lost Village is itself an extremely good bad tweet. I love this show.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below!

The Lost Village

Mitsumume and Masaki the ghost girl running through the woods

The penguin was a gift he wanted when he was a child

Tokimune was his brother

“You’re such an unruly boy, Tokimune. Completely unlike the obedient Mitsumune.”

Damn, a pretty effective dramatic transition here!

And now she’s treating him like his dead brother. “Am I not Mitsumune?” Gotta go for the bleachers every time, I suppose

“I think those monsters are made of our mental hangups.” Oh damn, competent guy has actually completely figured it out!

And now they officially decided to pretend Mitsumune was Tokimune at home to keep his mom stable? Yes, this is definitely a sequence of events that would happen

“When you said you liked my name, it made me happy.” AW SHIT IT WAS ACTUALLY CHARACTER-SIGNIFICANT WHOAAAAA

“If you want to go back to your old life, you have to go through this tunnel”

“If you really want to go back, you have to face and fight yourself”

This song is so great. It’s like The Nightmare Before Christmas or something

Fighting the giant penguin

“So Masaki, a ghost, is bringing those monsters here in droves?” “That’s a reasonable conclusion to draw, isn’t it?” Yes. Agreed

“If she’s a ghost, she might be good at psychological attacks and stuff.” oh my god

Discussing whether it’s easier to fight ghosts or monsters

“Real life is far scarier than some monster.” So none of them actually want to go back

“We don’t have time to hold self-help sessions!”

And so they decide to “neutralize” Masaki

They decide to slowroll asking Mitsumune about her, but of course Dahara is just like “wait, where’s Masaki? Hey, any chance you were with her AND SHE’S A GHOST TELL US EVERYTHING”

“There’s no reason to have more faith in yourself. You can’t survive without doing what I say.” What a good friend

“A piece of shit forced me to learn it. I’ll execute him in due time.”

I really love that they’re just using the shotgun approach to ghost hunting

“Time for a witch hunt… a Masaki hunt” this beautiful show

Lion and Nanko, the heroes!

“This is going too far!” “Koharun, you should go with the flow!” Yeah Koharun, way to kill the mood

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  1. You forgot to mention one of the funniest moments of the show, when our hero Mitsumune, inspired by Masaki’s kind words, prepares himself to daringly face his fears, after which he is punched in the stomach and decides to say fuck it and face his fears some other time.

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