Flying Witch – Episode 6

Flying Witch had a bit of a dud episode this week, mainly because the second half’s big punchline moved swiftly from cute to irritating as the show drew it out. Flying Witch has generally been very good about not letting any given joke outstay its welcome, but this episode used a fairly weak concept as a load-bearing punchline, and the result was kind of disappointing. But hey, I’ve come to expect most anime comedies to have at least a few weak notes here and there. We can’t all be The Lost Village.

You can check out my episode review over at ANN, or my notes below.

Flying Witch

“Flying for a long time really hurts my butt and groin.” You’d think so!

The practical realities of flying a broom, a very Flying Witch subject

You’re supposed to levitate yourself too, not just the broom

Witches used to ride pigs, which Chinatsu finds cool

Chinatsu’s body language continues to be really convincingly kid-like. Just draping herself on all of the adults, using them like jungle gyms

“Can I have her?” “I’ll have to ask my parents”

Chinatsu wants to be a witch

Akane agrees to at least show her some witch stuff

Witches make medicine, cast spells, tell fortunes, or just travel the world

Witches seem pretty vaguely defined

“I want a house made of candy! And it will eat people who go in!”

This episode does give us an opportunity to learn more about witches and magic, even though what we’re learning isn’t particularly meaningful

Kei is not impressed by the magic, and decides to watch HIGH SPEED SOLDIER instead

“Magic isn’t very flashy.” “The flashy ones are the hard ones”

“When you eat this, you’ll just cry at anything.” What a wonderfully pointless spell

And the other one makes you laugh at anything

2 thoughts on “Flying Witch – Episode 6

  1. Seriously? How is this a dud? I giggled/snickered all the duration Makoto was crying!

    But I guess comedy is subjective. FYI, the mandrake joke was a dud for me.

  2. Totally agree on the second half of the episode – the laughing/crying wasn’t an interesting enough joke to drag out for that long.

    At least there’s at least one gag per episode that I find riotously funny for no good reason. This time it was Chinatsu claiming that she would make a candy house that would eat people.

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