Kiznaiver – Episode 6

Kiznaiver had one of its best episodes yet this week, an episode that was equally satisfying in dramatic and visual terms. Okay, that’s kind of a lie – Kiznaiver’s design and direction are just god dang phenomenal, and continue to elevate what would likely be a pretty mediocre show in other hands. It’s always great to find a show that gives me a new director to keep an eye on, and Kiznaiver definitely qualifies. But that aside, this was still a dramatically effective episode on its own terms, full of nice exchanges between the whole cast. I wouldn’t go so far as to say the show is finding its footing or anything, but it’s still got plenty of nice stuff to offer.

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Maki’s backstory! And god this show is gorgeous

Ruru is her friend. Dear lord, the staging of this scene is so good

Very typical scene, but still beautiful

Once again, connection is dangerous, leads to pain

Nico deflating the show again. “It had something to do with love and peace, or something…”

“You were all able to connect the pain in your hearts”

This is the worst for Chidori, since her emotions are so loud and sincere. Now they’ll know what she’s feeling all the time

Great shots isolating Maki

“Does pain in your heart feel good too?” “Not at all.

“She’s actually pretty lonely. Despite all she says, she shows up when we call her.” Tenga is actually one of the more emotionally perceptive members of the group

Nico reaches out to her, and reminds her of Ruru

“The past that you want to forget is a past you must never forgot.” A lot of wince-worthy on-the-nose lines in this episode, and the show in general. But there’s solid emotional stuff being portrayed regardless

Maki is Charles de Macking, a former manga artist

They want her to be in a documentary

“Why don’t you stop acting like everything’s okay?”

“I seriously hate you.” “That hurt more than I thought it would.” Extending yourself creates risk

“Mission: Save Maki”

Aw dang, really nice to see masochist guy just contributing to the group as an equal member

“You can’t run. You’ll never escape me.”

More great shots. Strong tone here

“This counts as saving Maki?” A nicely bitter moment

A great final conversation between Sonozaki and MC

Sonozaki trying to figure out emotions

“I’m disappointed in you”

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  1. “I’m disappointed in you” – the more accurate translation would be “I feel disdain for you”

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