Kiznaiver – Episode 8

Kiznaiver’s eighth episode couldn’t match the ridiculous highs of the seventh, but I wasn’t really expecting it to. It was still a very respectable episode suffused with a strong sense of atmosphere, elevated by Kiznaiver’s reliably terrific direction and sound design. The show would be in classic territory if its writing were just a bit sharper, but as is, it’s still a very respectable character drama with a variety of noteworthy strengths. I continue to be thrilled with the prospect of this director having a long career ahead of him.

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“This is…” “Looove?” “Looove.”

The eye remains such a consistent motif

Nico invites everyone out together on the day of a typhoon

Another goofy capture by the Gomorins. This show is extremely good at balancing goofiness and drama

Big infodump. Apparently negative emotions are basically the only ones they’ve been able to connect in the past

They also tried the experiment on children in the past, which likely explains Katsuhira’s feelings/connection

“Out of all the villains in this world, I hate the ones who pick on pigeons and children the most.” Oh Tenga

Mission: When the typhoon calms down, get safely home

Sonozaki says she refuses to let the experiment end

The pre-typhoon atmosphere is extremely strong. The visuals and sound design have built to this moment very well

Trigger whimsy, human drama, and a strong sense of atmosphere. It’s like the Gainax balance

The masterminds discussing and manipulating the romantic pairings in order to create shared positive emotions

“If Katsuhira is able to take back his pain, I feel like I could find myself within Katsuhira.” Once again, the characters who have trouble feeling/expressing their emotions use the feelings of others to center themselves. It’s a nice message

The music this episode is fantastic

“Does everyone need to have a trauma like you, Honoka-san?” A very sharp line from Hisomu

Yuta tries to hold Honoka in the most awkward way. A really nice moment

And then another thrilling, cathartic finale. More great music, more great dramatic pacing, and ending with the eye contrasted against the scar

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  1. Noteworthy: Kobayashi Hiroshi was Director and Storyboarder for episode 2 of Kyousougiga. When you study under Matsumoto-sensei… =p

  2. “Does everyone need to have a trauma like you”

    Seriously, a line copied straight from Kokoro Connect?

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