Kiznaiver – Episode 9

Jeez, what an episode this was. Kiznaiver is always a very pretty show, but this episode was gorgeous from start to finish, full of wonderfully dynamic shots and great transitions making use of the show’s equally excellent sound design. The writing was a little more suspect, as always, but even there, the best moments were really worth celebrating. Kiznaiver’s not quite hitting the ceiling it could have shot for, but it’s still offering plenty to love every week.

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Really like this lonely shot of Chidori by the door

The Gomarins really aren’t threatening at all. Just a device to instigate emotional drama

Wonderfully framed scene between Katsuhira and Sonozaki

“How much do you think about me throughout the day?” Such a weirdly earnest Sonozaki question

Tenga getting mad for Chidori’s sake

“I’m going to go get properly hurt”

The counselor offered her own child in the past, apparently

Jeez this scene’s framing and transitions are good

And once again, the sound design is terrific. The transition from Sonozaki dribbling the ball to the muffled voices of the children, the excellent music in the background

Man, the buildup to this embrace is so good

And Katsuhira finally regains his pain, by remembering hers

“They’re inside me. So are you”

The full articulation of finding your feelings in another

They have to find their feelings as a group. That’s the point

Ugh, the “go after her” thing? These lazy beats are such a shame

Hah, and Sonozaki just blurts Nico’s feelings out

“What am I supposed to do when I catch her?” A good question!

They can now hear the voice of Chidori’s feelings

“At this rate, those kids are going to break”

“How could you hold me? You’re so cruel.” Ooh, I really like this

“If you don’t want him, give Tenga-kun to me.” Aw man, this is all great. These petty, selfish, human thoughts

Dang, what a mean climax

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  1. I thought it was obvious that the counselor’s child is Sonozaki, but apparently you don’t think so.

  2. And if you think this one is a little bit short of being perfect, you’ll definitely enjoy Kokoro Connect as the perfect anime.

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