Flying Witch – Episode 9

Flying Witch was its usual pleasant self this week, offering good gags with Akane and plenty of information on the myriad benefits of eating radishes. Chinatsu made the most of her screentime as always, and though there was nothing quite as compelling as the cafe’s guests, there was still plenty to enjoy throughout. I can’t imagine anyone could still be watching Flying Witch and feeling surprised by anything that happens; the show is absolutely even in its consistency, always hitting its tonal marks and offering solid jokes without ever straying from its usual mood.

You can check out my review over at ANN, or my notes below.

Flying Witch

Nice use of focus to frame the early sequence here

Kei and Chinatsu’s mother writes and draws children’s books

Inukai stops by to see Akane

Chito petting the hamster is extremely good

“Did you bring cookies?” “I was wrong.” As always, the understatement/anticlimax of the jokes is key. Same as with Makoto and Inukai’s “where is that?” “no idea” exchange

“Really? For free?” Another very believably childlike line. Chinatsu doesn’t pay for anything, but she still likes to get stuff for free

Makoto has no worries

“What’s for dinner tonight?” Chinatsu’s got her priorities straight

Weird stuff Chinatsu picked up from TV

Makoto and Nao chatting at school

Nao commenting on Makoto’s grandmotherliness

Makoto very proud of her farm

Akane just being a lump this whole episode

Oh my god, Akane trolling Kei is so good

Chattin’ bout radishes