The Lost Village – Episode 11

We’re in the endgame now, and The Lost Village is doing its best to juggle the needs of an actual narrative with its own wilder inclinations. This episode managed that balance with relative grace; it wasn’t as consistently laugh-out-loud funny as some of the earlier episodes, but it actually did a lot of work to bring this story to a real conclusion. In fact, so much was resolved here that it seems likely the last couple episodes will be able to go big in a more satisfying way, bringing all the remaining story threads together. Let’s end this thing with a bang.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below!

The Lost Village

Legitimately beautiful, eerie scene at the start with the bus driver here

Everyone being lazy again

Maimai: “Apparently, staying in this village will mess us up!”

“Hear that? We’re not humans” “That’s pretty cool”

“What do you mean, stop functioning? Be more specific!” The straight men are important

The characters are pretty funny in their lethargic versions. Poor Nanbe, getting abused by Piitan

Oh my god, they decide they’re not scared by flaming arrows and are just going to go to sleep anyway

“Did your personality just do a 180? This is bullshit!”

She wants to make an even stronger Nanaki! Oh no!

This episode is definitely more grounded than some others at the moment

Holy crap, God’s backstory for staying here is that he’d decided to be the creepy old man who warns kids not to go up the old mountain

But he fell asleep before he could warn them

Yottsun’s backstory is actually pretty reasonable, and not oversold! Granted, his leg is getting chewed on by a violin monster, but still

The scenes with the bus driver are legitimately good!

Yep, Reiji’s also a Nanaki. Masaki’s Nanaki

Mitsumune just choking the hell up over how sad Masaki’s situation is

The bus just flying out of nowhere always gets a laugh out of me

2 thoughts on “The Lost Village – Episode 11

  1. I’m glad I read one of your reviews of Mayoiga’s early episodes before trying it out; I would have written it off as just another unintentionally terrible anime, but watching it expecting something like a parody of standard mystery-horror tropes has been a lot of fun.

    Think your review was spot on for this episode. Unexpectedly touching scene with bus-driver-san, unexpectedly coherent episode.

    That said: I absolutely lost it when our ostensible hero saved his leading lady by driving a bus directly at her. That was great.

  2. “In fact, so much was resolved here that it seems likely the last couple episodes will be able to go big in a more satisfying way”

    Only one episode left, my friend. Let’s see how they manage to make at least a memorable last episode.

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