Flying Witch – Episode 10

Flying Witch stayed its easy breezy self this week, though I really liked how frontloading the humor in a constrained setting allowed the second half to feel that much more relaxed and rewarding. Nao also got to shine for once, which was nice. Her inability to perform complex cooking tasks like “cook an onion” and “hold on to a ball of meat” felt very relatable to my largely sandwich-based lifestyle. Hang in there, Nao. You don’t want to end up like me.

You can check out my full review over at ANN, or my notes below.

Flying Witch

Makoto and Nao at school again!

Cooking class, and Nao sucks at cooking

Nao being stressed out about this is fun, and it lets Kei and Makoto take the “old farm people” roles again

Not even realizing what ingredients you’re supposed to use

Nao making cooking far more exciting than it’s supposed to be

Nao being super bad at cooking is pretty generally adorable

Reacting to both the ingredients and her own hands with fear and suspicion

Good light punchline to her juggling the patties

Chinatsu excited about getting to hang out with Akane, the cool older sister. Chinatsu remains a completely believable kid

This half feels like a welcome breath of fresh air after the confined first half. Moving from school to enjoying the wind and the sun – it’s a smart structural juxtaposition

They’re “thinning” the apple trees

Akane laughing at Makoto when she hits her head and then smacking her own head is a very Akane series of actions

The dad accent joke doesn’t really translate, though learning about thinning apple trees is interesting

“Can ninjas become witches?”

Really like this intimate shot of Kei handing her the bee

2 thoughts on “Flying Witch – Episode 10

  1. The dad accent joke doesn’t really translate, though learning about thinning apple trees is interesting

    I’m reminded of this which gives me pretty much the same feeling:

    As a quasi-fluent Japanese speaker, despite understanding everyone else in the show, the dad’s jabber was complete gibberish to me which made it pretty funny.

    I wonder if it’s possible to render that in a good way in the limited space of subtitles.

    • Asenshi’s subs are decent: on top of phonetically spelling out an accent, they also mix in some uncommon vernacular like ‘winsome’ instead of ‘attractive.’

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